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  1.  Another Pixar Classic


    One of the strangest things I remember hearing about this movie is that most people believed that this was Pixar's first "blow" to the stomach. The statement slightly confused me and I still to this day don't understand why people thought of this as a bad movie. In my honest opinion it is one of the greatest of the Pixar collection.

    You have a great cast, enjoyable character, a menacing villian who leaves an impact and also a spectacular visual treat on the eyes. Not only that because the film takes itself seriously the humour comes out naturally. If you havent seen it, you must.

  2.  Funny, but not for everyone


    I would like to point out that I love this film, having bought it for both myself and a friend of mine who I knew would also enjoy it. The dubbing and parody of an old Japanese film makes this movie stand out from other comedys and although the special effects are dated they still hold up.

    But I will admit it might be a bit too silly for everyone's liking. My advice if you want to find out if this movie is for you, ask yourself if you liked Ace Ventura 2...if the answer is no then you aren't going to enjoy this.

  3.  "-walk onwards, into the Final Fantasy"


    Want can I say that hasn't more or less been said about this game already. Well for starters as with the first game it is a very unique and interesting fighter then combines the RPG elements together perfectly. The cast both new and old are all fan favourites in one walk of life or the other, so if you're a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series you're bound to like the characters, and even if you aren't that huge of a fan the characters are well written and some at the most are well voiced for a fighter.

    The plot, although it isn't the longest is more then enough to keep you interested in the world and also get used to the controls and aspects this game has to offer. As I mentioned early it is a fighting game so don't go expecting an epic blockbuster story, the story is good but is lacking compared to previous FF games.

    Onto the special little details that only come with this edition. First the DLC, both costumes are rather well designed and are different enough to make you feel as though you have got your moneys worth. The art cards are nicely detailed and packaged and the CG artwork of the box itself is a pleasure on the eyes. The bonus 50% off over for Final Fantasy 1 also makes this a bargain, as I am currently playing the RPG and am finding it to be a rather enjoyable time out for when I don't feel I have time to play Dissidia itself.

    Things to note, this game even though it's a multiplayer fighter doesn't contain an actual online mode. Keep this in mind if your main hopes for this game where to go online and test your skills against others.

    All in all a great buy and a must have for any PSP owner.

  4.  As Doctor 9 would say, FANTASTIC


    What can I say, it's a brilliant set and is worth the money. The figures are highly detailed and look great, the accesories are brilliant and the design and layout of the box and packaging is spectacular (especially the TARDIS doors opening on the box to reveal them all like a display).

  5.  This shirt has BLAST PROCESSING XD


    Love this shirt, the fabric is soft and comfy and of course its got a brilliant picture of Sonic on it. If your Sonic fan looking for a shirt then I advise you buy