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  1.  perfect for those of us who dont play online


    Ive owned various versions of the 360, firstly the core, then the 60bg then the elite and now im on to the 4gb slim console. as i say in the title i never play online as i hate it and this console is ALMOST perfct for my needs. i need a bit more memory than 4gb but not as much as 250gb, so i bought a 16gb flash drive from play and it works a charm (check my reviews) I work in a games shop and all i see every day is games being returned with laser burns as people cant stop their dogs knocking over their consoles or whatever happens to them. INSTALL THE GAMES PEOPLE. its not rocket science. this proccess makes the console totally quiet and also means it runs cooler and also loads the games faster than if you are booting from the discs. And personally id never stand my console up either but thats just me. so if you dont play online get this console, you may just need a bit more storage space to ensure your games are kept in the best possible condition.

  2.  just dont get it ???


    first of all im not saying you will all think game is rubbish, its just me, i dont like it, thats my opinion. My favorite games "OF ALL TIME" are the knights of the old replublic star wars rpgs on the original xbox. so as this game is also made by bioware i thought id absolutely love this game, how wrong i was, its just so boring. I probably havent gotten far enough in to the story on my many attempts to get into this game but it just goes on and on. if im not hooked in half an hour i never will be. im a huge rpg fan and i have loved all the zelda and final fantasy games as well as many other classics like crono trigger and paper mario but i just cant get into mass effect. im getting very choosy in my old age (of 32) perhaps my standards were alot lower in my teens but i have to say (through gritted teeth) that this game is just so over rated compared to the classics i remember so fondly. there we are !!

  3.  meh ??????


    i wish i liked this game i really do, ive tried to get into it numerous times and i can see why so many people like it, after all whats not to like, I personally love first person shooters, I love rpgs and I like the cell shaded graphics, but unfortunatley im not a fan. A game has to grab me in the first 5 mins or im just not interested. try it for this price of a tenner, you never know you may enjoy it. i just wish i did i really do.

  4.  as other say, online is poor but the campain beats cod


    simple reveiew as i dont play games online, just had a look to see what all the fuss was about. The 1 player story is much better than call of duty black ops, but then ive always prefered the infinity ward modern warfare games to these versions. within 30 seconds it just felt more real, I felt like i cared what happened to the characters which i didnt get on black ops. if like me you dont play online and you just want an interesting few hours of gaming then get this over black ops, or you could get battlefield bad company 2 which is also really good.

  5.  one of the best games ive ever played


    i love all the resi games and although this is a little more combat and a lot less puzzles and scares its still up there with the best. ive owned this on both 360 and ps3 and this pack with the downloadable content is a bargin. for those new to the game. you should get this over the original release hands down, i love playing the levels over and over getting lots of cash to buy and upgrade weapons. the co op is better on the xbox but for those of you without xbox live you cant use the extra content as you have to download it. Where as on the ps3 its all on this disc so you dont have to worry about being connected to the internet to enjoy the extra levels.(obviously as a blu ray disc can hold more info) all in all a wicked game.

  6.  s**t your pants scary


    the first dead space is one of the finest games ive ever played, ive owned it on the 360 and the ps3 and ive reviewed it on play as well. the demo of the sequel doesn't dissapoint. the graphics look amazing and i cant wait to explore the new space station using all the new weapons and different ways to kill the enemies. play this on your own at 4am in surround sound with the lights off IF YOU DARE.

  7.  works on my 4gb 360s


    as stated i bought this to use on my 4gb xb360s as its got such a small memory. it works a charm, formats to 14.4gb of memory once in the xbox and i can install 2 games and a few other bits on it totally fine. an added plus over some flash drives it that it hasn't got a big annoying light on it which lights up every time the memory is being accessed. the light is really small so desn't even notice unless you are right next to the console. it did take an age to arrive though, nearly 2 weeks. Apart from that, cant complain, i was gonna get a 250gb hard drive for my xbox but now i dont think ill bother. I may just get another one of these in a few months as id never fill up that much space as i dont play online at all. just download the odd demo and game add on.

  8.  totally over rated, Batman Begins is 100 times better


    ok ok heath ledger was amazing, but thats it, the rest was awful, too long, weak storylines, bale is sooooo bad in this movie. I LOVE Batman Begins so i was so looking forward to this, but ive never wanted to leave the cinema so quickly before. Ive watched it since on Blu ray and it was still as bad in the comfort of my own front room.

  9.  review by someone who doesn't play online at all


    ok lets get this straight I like to play games on my own, with noone else, all by myself. ill start on normal and work my way up the difficulties, i do buy extra content but again only if its 1 player stuff

    I have no wish to talk to strangers and debate the fastest recoil of a pistol or which rifle reloads the quickest to help your kill streak, blah blah blah BORING !! who cares how many faceless online buddys you have or how many times you have killed them YAWN. and look how high your gamerscore is. SAD !!

    Games are getting more and more biased to online gaming now and most games are fairly short. I really think the onlne features should be an after thought rather than the 1 player experience which seems to be the part of the game that suffers these days which is a shame, id love to see how many more campaign levels they could fit on a disc with no online maps cluttering up the storage space.

    how about a seperate online disc that all the single spotty people can buy so they can kid themselves that RUDEGIRL216 from the states is actually their friend

    I play the campaign on a game and thats it. and the campaign on this game rocks. Ok its done in a few hours but thats what we are used to, its a bit like watching a film these days, some you will watch again others you wont, just buy it enjoy it at your leisure and then trade it in, thats what ill be doing whilst waiting for the next batch of games to come out.

  10.  the only solution for REAL football


    once again pro evo dominates fifa on every level, its just a better game, there is nothing more to be said, ok ive played fifa 11 and to be honest its not bad, BUT and this is a big but. Its only getting any good now as its getting more and more like pro evo at every outing. Surely that says it all. If its trying to be pro evo, its obiously saying that pro evo is better. after all copying is the best form of flattery.

    I just dont ENJOY fifa its just no fun to play, Im on pro evo constantly and i can honestly say i dont mind loosing a match, its that good.

    Get this if you are a serious footie fan who thinks about the way a game feels not just someone who is impressed by names and kits being correct, hey thats what an edit feature is for eh !!