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  1.  So Good, SO FUNNY!


    this game is EPIC. Jack Black + Axes, Guitars and Medieval settings... WITH HOTRODS!! = WIN. the only let down is Empty online and its only the RTS mode online.

  2.  Rather Lame


    Loved the First one but this isnt up to scratch. its all to familiar and to be honest your just paying 40 pounds for a previous experience and an excellent multiplayer. it doesnt really last that long though.

  3.  Great Tactical Fun


    this was one of the best games on PSP for AGES. the only downside is the graphics. the online is pretty sweet as well. if your thinking about getting this purchase FTB3 RIGHT NOW! i recently downloaded the demo and its great.

  4.  MORE Good News


    This game is fab. story is absolutely epic with the best climbing system in any game EVER! the shooting is tight as a nut, and you can choose to use stealth or go all out. the online exceeds any others out there.. and theres a new Map Pack on the way. The Good News: Uncharted 3 has been hinted at by developers.

  5.  Fantastic


    Superb game the online maps are the best in any game i've ever played. th only thing that gets boring is the WW2 setting and WW2 characters models online.

  6.  Still Epic


    i go back to this game and i own most hyped up Shooters (uncharted 2, MW2, MAG) this game is brilliant. one thing.. if your a casual gamer avoid this.. you will die lots then complain. so DON'T BOTHER.

  7. MAG



    3 New from  £7.04  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     MW2 is BORING


    This is a real game. no rubbish, repetitive maps they're different every time. theres a brilliant weapons/skill menu where you can buy upgrades (perks.. O.o ) and weapons/attachments, and can have 3 attachments on 1 gun! definitely owns MW2.

  8.  Mind Blowing


    The Graphics on the beta are outstanding, and the amount of polish on this game is phenomenal. the guns, the character models, the parachuting - just wow. gameplay is bril too although LMGs are too common. i recommend pre-ordering NOW!