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  1.  Cant wait!


    This took me a long time to read, mainly because i got distracted by other books, like 3 books before i read the 2nd half of the book. anyway, really good book, really quick to read, i could'nt wait to read it everyday. Cant wait for the next one.

  2.  This was brilliant, from start to finish


    Brilliant story, at the beginning, i was hooked on this story, and hooked the whole way through, untill the ending, everything went a bit fast for me, and i could'nt get the gist of what was going on. But really really good story, cant wait to read the next one.

  3.  Great


    I thought the story was rather strange, there was no meaning to it, it was just 2 people's lives over the course of 20 years... and once one thing happend it quickly changed in the next chapter, hard to keep up with but, i still loved it, emma reminded me alot of myself, and she was inspiring. I loved how they got their time together.. hate that emma ..........(SPOILER)

    Dies... its so confusing, it happens so quickly... but still.. i loved the book .

  4.  Odd


    I really enjoyed this one... bit slow... but it was really good, i just could'njt come to terms with the ending so much was happening... and i was trying to find out what happend after i had read it... it was a bit odd. still i cant wait to read the next one.

  5.  Goood!!!


    Yey i have the first review! :) Surprise surprise it was brilliant, i loved how beast could talk to other fairy tale characters! :D definatly worth reading, i read it in three days.. just loved it.

  6.  Fantastic read


    i loved this one, i havent read the house of night books for a while, and was saving this for later but i ended up reading it anyway and it was great! fab story line. House of night never fail to impress me. Cant wait for the next one! :D

  7.  Lovely.


    I really enjoyed the 3rd installment of the immortal series, the storyline was far better than the last book and this one keeps you constently interested. Cant wait to read the next one.

  8.  Not sure


    i was confused the whole way through, the begginning was confusing, and then when i got into it, i could'nt help but notice so many parts of it have not been explained... it was strange, i was skipping parts just because it wernt important, i would say it was badly written, however when i understood the story line i got hooked, i read this in 3 days. even the ending was a bit confusing, i still have questions unanswered.



    I think i have a new favourite author, its so weird, with the passage that you read on the back of most of C.A"s books you would think it would be boring, but its amazing! i loved this one. i have'nt actually read it all completly, im up to the final parts. but its soo good. been staying up late alot lately for this book. i think anyone would enjoy this! x

  10. Shiver



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     I could get used to this :)


    i felt that this story dragged slightly. it went at different paces, the beggining got me into it from the first page, then it got slow and then fast again. i did like there version on werewolf"s its really cool. i like sam aswel. towards the end i could not stop reading. i just loved the ending, and because of that im going to read the next one. but a definate book worth reading.