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  1.  Truly Amazing...


    I had to write a review for this film. Mainly to explain to those who have been disapointed by the director's cut.
    I own two copies of this movie, the director's cut and the original.
    I prefere the director's cut because the ending actually fits in with the rest of the storyline. And that was how the director wanted it to be shown.
    I enjoyed the original, especially with the amazing oasis track to end it, but sometimes films need to have a dark ending.

    My advice to anybody who hasn't seen this movie is...watch the directors cut first.

    All in all, outstanding film. Great storyline, brilliant acting, tear jerking moments. Probably my favorite film so far!

    Ashton Kutcher...Where did the serious acting come from? Brilliantly done

  2.  Sandler at his best!


    Brilliant! This film has an amazing storyline about not taking life for granted, with all the comedy built in. (Not to mention Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous in it!)
    I believe this is Sandler's best film yet. You truly appreciate how good an actor he is at the end.

    What a movie, If you havn't already seen it, I highly reccomend it!

  3.  An under-achieved masterpiece!!


    Anyone who slates this film has clearly not watched it with an open mind. It has a brilliant story line and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into it.
    Any films based around time travel always have flaws, because no one can really experience it. But this films does a hell of a job explaining all of the facts.
    This movie obviously didn't have a high budget, (hense some bad graphics) but if you look past that, and watch it for it's true meaning. You will fully appreciate this outstanding film!

    Watch it!!!!