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  1.  Avoid


    Ok, lets cut right to it shall we? This film is awful. The script is ok, and the actors all play their roles well, and with those two boxes ticked, you'd think that the result would be a film that people will enjoy. And indeed, judging by the reviews on here, many people do seem to have enjoyed it. I however, did not. People will tell you that it's a clever satire, and a social comment on the fashion industry, but make no mistakes, there is nothing clever or satirical about this film. Its an original idea, and the premise is good, but the execution is well below par. A shame really as the potential was huge. If you like Ben Stiller and are looking for a fun comedy, then seek out Tropic Thunder or Dodge Ball.

  2.  Essential


    If you like your comedy expertly written with a touch of surrealism, then this is for you.

    Sean lock is a funny guy, and whenever he appears on the myriad of panel shows that grace our screens these days, laughs are guaranteed. His dry, cutting sense of humour had been surgically implanted into 15 stories high. You'll laugh, but you won't know why. Its that kind of show.

  3.  funny in its own right


    Ok, lets be real. This film is funny. Its not the greatest comedy ever, and you'll probably only watch it once, but at 2.99 you can't really go wrong. Peep show has set the bar so high that its difficult to view this with anything other than high expectations. But under its own merits, this film stands proud.

  4.  worth every penny


    Make no mistakes, this is a serious piece of kit. If you're after a phone that'll impress your mates, or looks expensive, then keep looking. Go for the 5800, or the N97 instead.
    This is a phone for serious mobile enthusiasts. The camera is its most obvious selling point, and at 8mp its easy to see why. You can connect it directly to a printer via usb, for pc-free printing. Another thing worth mentioning is its memory. Its got 7gb built in, with a slot for a micro sd card. So space won't ever really be an issue.
    The operating system is Nokia's symbian OS. S60v3, 9.3, fp2. Which in lay-man's terms means that you can comfortably have 5 or 6 apps running at the same time with no problems. It browses the internet at high speed, and is youtube compatible when using Opera Mini. The best mobile browser there is. The built in fm transmitter is an excellent feature in this phone. Load all your music onto it, take it in your car, and never again will you need a cd changer. It also transmits with bluetooth. There's built in email, gps locations, sat nav, and a whole host of extra goodies. Nokia's Ovi store is rapidly gathering speed, and if like so many others you hate apple with a passion, then this is the phone for you. Its versatile, easy to use, packed with features, and infinitely customisable. This phone is an investment, not a gadget. I.ve had mine for just under 9 months, and I can honestly say that its the best cell I've ever owned.

  5.  spot on


    This shirt is a lovely fit, the design looks cool, its a heavy cotton, and its only a fiver. Can't really go wrong can you? :)

  6.  brownie points


    My missus loves WWE. She's got the posters, the games, she stays up late for the ppv events, and she writes on-line fictions based around the wwe characters. Personally, I don't see the attraction. But after seeing some of her dvds I can see what the attraction could be for a woman. Lol. ...So here-in lies the crux of my review. Chaps, if your missus likes wwe, she'll love this dvd. Which will be good for you in the long run.

  7.  Its marathon time!


    This is exactly what it says on the box. Every episode from series I to VIII. It's widely agreed among discerning fans that series I to V are the greatest, and the whole show started to go downhill as soon as Chris Barre left the show. No Rimmer, no comedy. Simple as that. With that in mind, this box set is an essential purchase for anyone looking to replace a long-lost set. Its worth mentioning that there are no extras included within this set. Hence the title "just the shows". At 25 pounds though, this is an absolute steal. Considering that if you buy the series seperately, you will pay about 20 each for them. All for the sake of extras. This is pure British comedy gold. If you've never seen Red Dwarf, go ask your dad, or your older brother about it and they'll say its hysterical. If you used to watch it as a kid, and were disappointed with the recent episodes shown on Dave, then take a trip down memory lane, and re-live Red Dwarf from a time when it was funny, and had real character. An essential purchase.

  8.  Pure gaming heaven


    This game is wonderful. Absolute value for money. It's designed very well, the interface is clean, player input is smooth, and the presentation is near perfect. This is what gaming used to be about. A solitary affair, where high scores matter above all else. There are three modes to choose from; Free Play, Stamp, and Mission. All self-explanitory really. The game's manual is wafer thin, but every game has on-screen tutorials, and there is an in-depth help section with the game, including index, and search options. So if you come across a game that you don't know the rules to, its pretty simple to learn.

    There are 18 card games; 1. Old Maid 2. Spit 3. I doubt it 4. Sevens 5. Memory 6. Pig 7. Blackjack 8. Hearts 9. President 10. Rummy 11. Seven Bridge 12. Last Card 13. Last Card Plus 14. Five Card Drawer 15. Texas Hold'em 16. Nap 17. Spades 18. Contract Bridge.

    There are 12 board games; 1. Chinese Checkers 2. Draughts 3. Dots and Boxes 4. Hasami Shogi 5. Turncoat 6. Connect Five 7. Grid Attack 8. Backgammon 9. Chess 10. Shogi 11. Field Tactics 12. Ludo.

    There are 4 variety games; 1. Soda Shake 2. Dominoes 3. Koi-Koi 4. Hangman. There are 5 action games; 1. Bowling 2. Darts 3. Billiards 4. Balance 5. Takeover

    There are 3 single player (no cpu opponent) games; 1. Solitaire 2. Escape 3. Mahjong

    With all that content, its hard to see how anyone could go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommended.

  9.  Worth a gamble..


    Ok. Lets be realistic. If you're an uber-fan of Family Guy, you'll probably like this. Its not exactly Seth Macfarlane's finest hour, but there are some very funny parts.
    It's only an hour long, and you'll probably only watch it once. But at 8 pounds it might be worth a punt. Think of it as a cutting room floor collection, rather than a stand-alone dvd.

  10.  Karting magic


    Mario Kart ds is an exceptional game. There's no two ways about it. The format remains the same, but with each incarnation the game improves slighly, and this ds version is no different. All your favourite characters are here, with some extras thrown in. At the start of the game there are 6 characters, and 24 tracks to choose from. In its full unlocked state, the game offers 12 characters and 32 tracks. Not including the mirror mode. Which effectively doubles the amount of tracks. There is also the option to choose different karts for your character, introducing a slight tactical element to the game, but in reality, seasoned players will more than likely see this as little more than a gimmick. All three cc classes are here too, 50, 100 and 150. As-well as the time trial. Retro fans will be satisfied too, with the inclusion of 4 tracks from each of nintendo's retro consoles; the GBA, the SNES, the N64 and the GameCube. The staff ghosts are in there too, so replay value is good. In short, Mario Kart ds is a game that will provide hours and hours of fun. Well worth the money, and definately a keeper. Highly recommended.