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  1.  Keeps me coming back for more


    This game seems more coherent than previous rabbids games, being at heart a platform game rather than a series of minigames.

    The basic premise of the collecting items to put on the pile has enough variety and humour to keep interesting, while the difficulty does ramp up as you go up levels. I both laughed at the action and swore at it a couple of times when it got tricky. That for me is the mark of a great game.

    I haven't been as obsessed with finishing a game for a long time.

  2.  Should never have been a Wii game.


    This game should be a PC game. I would expect to find it on a free gaming site as a flash game. The control you need to exercise over the pieces is more suited to a keyboard than a wii-mote.

    The game itself is OK, and the puzzles do get fairly taxing, but the decision to put it on the Wii was massively misguided.

  3.  great album great package


    It's definitely the best U2 album of the 21st century, some great songs and a good range of light and shade. Standout tracks are the beautiful Breathe and the title track.

    The package is great too. A really well thought-out design, both of the whole package and the individual elenments within it.

    I've yet to see the DVD, but having seen Corbjin's work before I know I'm in for a treat.

  4.  Great shoot-em-up


    This is a great shoot-em up for folk like me who don't want to be shooting people. Fast-moving targets and (sometimes over)busy backgrounds make for a challenge.

    My only complaint would be those backgrounds - those with 20-20 vision will be fine, but those of us who are a bit older might find it a bit trying with some of the smaller targets.

    That said if it weren't a challenge then it wouldn't get such a high-rating.

    And the Nerf-Gun supplied is a great toy in itself.

  5.  The best lego game on the Wii


    Having played all three of the Lego titles on the Wii this is easily the best.

    The basic game play is fairly intuitive, and it's fairly easy to find the first few things you need which gives you hints about the sorts of challenges in the harder levels.

    I'd suggest getting the Prima guide if you really want to do the whole adventure.

  6.  Genuinely chilling


    This film bristles with the approaching menace that is escaping from a little girl's head. Or is it?

    One of those films where it's more about what you can't see than what you can which ramps up the tension, and because the effects are cheap they are so much more imaginative and eerie than the CG laden torture-fests that pass for "horror" nowadays.

    You'll sleep with the light on.

  7.  Top performer - I've just bought another


    I got one of these a while ago and it's been on for pretty much ever since, often for days at a time - never had any problems with it (unlike other large storage media), so when a different drive I had went off I had no hesitation in buying another. Small desk foortprint and quiet operation combines with robust design to mean you can just plug it in and forget about it.

  8.  Out of Control


    This game relies on a counter-intuitive and unresponsive way of controlling your car.

    If you play any other driving games you'll want to give this one a miss.

    It's a shame because for once popcorn have got the graphics just right - it is like the old micromachines only better - with a decent control system they could have cleaned up.

  9.  Pale shadow of Mario Kart


    You might think it's a bargain, but just stump up the extra readies for Mario Kart.

    This game has an inconsistent lag on moving the controls and the graphics are pretty average. So it both looks and plays cheap.

    I guess you could get used to the poor controls, but you could get used to a lot of things - games are meant to be fun not frustrating.

  10.  Good, but not as good as Carnival Games


    As with Carnival Games this is a bright and noisy game with good gameplay, although the swing-power of the club is a bit tricky to get used to at first. Good selection of mini-games in the adventure holes, some of the trick shots are tricky enough to require some work and the different worlds are well designed.

    Haven't tried the multiplayer or "challenge Barker" mode yet, but all in all this game seems like it'll be a rainy day special rather than a constant companion in the way the original Carnival Games was for weeks after release.