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  1.  Looks awsome and sounds kewl.


    Hi. I was thinking of getting this camera but can you record yourself and then export it to a memory stick and then put it on the PC?.


  2.  Not as good as i thought.


    Well the graphics are excellent and sound is very good but not the best adventure game. The acting was very very poor. When one person talked it didnt even give a pause to the next, it was like the person who you was talking str8t away you would talk. It just sounded odd. But if it wasnt for the speech it would have been awsome.

  3.  Based on demo


    I recently d/l the demo from live. At first i didnt like so turned it off but then after a few days i turned it back on for a 2nd chance. Im glad i did. The graphics i would give a 9/10 there are a few flaws but only few like tiny bit of frame rate problem but i can handle that. But the noise of the dinosouse are top notch when you here the screems of the raptor sounds kewl. Also what bothered me at first was the Sound FX of the gun when fired that could use a bit more effort to make it sound like a real gun.

    What else i found good was that you could creep up on enimies and it showed you a 3rd person view of him stabbing the enimy which looked new and fresh idea.

    overall all i would give the demo a 8.5 out of 10 as some could be improved. We shal see for the full version on 8/2/08


  4.  WII Tastic


    I wasnt too shaw about getting a wii at first but im glad i did. I tried my brothers and was amazed how good it actualy was. You dont need next gen graphics for a good game all you need is the wii remote which is next gen in it self but the remote i found is kewl and thats just for wii sports i havent got any other games yet but am looking around for some.

  5.  Worst Episode ever!!!


    I think this movie was just made so they had the word Movie on the title and could show it in the cinama's to make more mony. The best bit was the spider pig bit but other then that the story was less thought then a 20 min episode which are alot better.

    The only one good thing was that it pasted 1hour and a bit on coming home from las vegas from a 10hour flight.

    But sorry simpsons you should have just put more thought in the 20 min episdoes then this. But i still do like the simpsons and still do watch the episodes but hope they dont make another film.