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  1.  good game


    this game is fantastic its in the range of call of duty but you cant compare this game to it because this game has got its good things as cod does if you are a shooter fan i would advise you to get this game

  2.  Excellent


    this game is really good i think the campaign on it is better than any of the call of duty games. this is a must buy if you are a shooter fan as you wont be dissappointed

  3.  GREAT GAME!!!!!11111


    This is even better than the other cods its so addictive the online again beats anything out there the campaign again is abit short but one hell of a game

  4.  Wow This is an amazing game


    wow this game is fantastic one of the best sniper games out there this game comes like sniper elite which was made for the playstation 2. make another Sniper elite for the ps3

  5.  worth playing


    this game is worth playing through but its not a great game the graphics are good and it has a good story line but when you have completed it it gets boring. its a good game if you like ordering soldiers about.

  6.  what a game


    this game is one of the best games i have the online play is brillant. i do respect people who dont like the multiplayer i know what they are saying sometimes it does take a while getting on but when you are on it is one hell of a game. the single player is quite good but .
    5 star for the online
    4 star for single player which is still pretty good but a bit short

  7.  this game is decent


    this game is a very good but could of been a bit less cartoonie or it would of been a five star but the game play is good so i would reccomend you to get this but if you dont like cartoon games this wouldnt be a game for you. its not worth full price but at the price it is now its worth getting

  8.  wow what a game


    killzone 3 has blown my head away it is a very solid game the single play is fantastic the online does compare with cod but the online is unqine the online play is mjuch easier to use than the kill zone 2 but if you want to get this game i would suggest that you have completed killzone 2 because this is a follow on from it. i hope they will be making more killzone games

  9.  Uncharted 2 among thieves wow !!!!!!!


    this game i bought second hand but this game would be worth full price its that good the game play is fantastic the online is good but the online isnt the best out there dont get me wrong the online is good but it doesnt compare to call of duty, bad company

  10.  Wow What A Game One Of The Best Games Out There Execpt COD


    This game is really really fantastic one of the best games out there with the games like Call of duty games and the Uncharted games. The graphics are good the single player is fantastic the online is good ashame there is the only one mode you can play is destroy or defend your gold creates. i would recommed this to any shooter fan boy or girl hey guys you cant go wrong buying this bring on Battle field bad company 2 which i will be getting soon. watch out i am coming to get you beware.