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  1.  Good shooter


    Nicely done with a good 007 feel. Some of the levels are rather frustrating but some are absolutely fab. If you like to take your time sniping rooms full of bad guys then you will find some levels spot-on. Overall a very good shooter.

  2.  F'n Splat


    So good and so gory - I laughed my head off. I have never played a game with so much swearing in my life. Honestly, every other word started with an F. Fabulous.

  3.  Quantum of fun


    An excellent shooter, probably the best i've seen on the wii. Graphics are very good (about as good as possible on the wii) and the flickers are minimal. Only reason i feel 5 stars are not deserved is because of annoying deaths. On more than one occassion i died and couldn't work out why. Several repeat deaths later and i still couldn't figure it out. It turned out it wasn't a sniper, but rather i hadn't walked in the right direction! Oh, and the on-line play is superb.

  4.  Original & great fun


    Excellent game at an excellent price. If you were dissapointed by the sword-play on Red Steel then you'll love this. The graphics are often great although sometimes very scratchy. The whole feel of the game more than compensates and the style and humour won me over. I would normally go for a FPS and this game was nothing like I expected. Overall, if you want some genuine laugh-out-load moments and want to wave your Wii controllers all over the room then go for it.

  5. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £18.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.72

     Fair game for a low price.


    The controls are great with the Wii remote very well utilised. The graphics are fair and the licence is used about as well as was possible. Overall though, this is just a bit mediocre. Fly about, launch a few missiles, hit the weak-spot on end-of-level baddie, next mission. The lack of freedom isn't so much a let-down, rather it would have made the game seem a lot less rigid than it is. This was never going to be worth £34.99 - hence the cheap release price. Average game of a very good film.

  6.  Does the job


    Very cheap and very good if you have a fairly new digital camera. Check the compatability and you won't be let down. Do not buy if you are some moron who hasn't checked whether it will work on your gadget.

  7.  Nafemeister


    As a massive Family Guy fan I found this a bit of a let down really. OK, the graphics and sound are excellent and the humour was spot-on - in fact the whole zany world is captured perfectly. But what you have to deal with is a long line of very frustrating sub-games, one after the other. There are no real choices, character selection or strategic decisions to be made. A shame a little more thought hadn't gone in. If you are a fan and get lost in the humour you might not realise just how average the gameplay actually is.

  8.  Nafemeister


    Very good game. The driving and shooting are somewhat old ideas (without GTA this game would never have been thought up) but it is still very good. The mapping of Central London is uncannily acurate and the story, although unintentionally funny in parts, keeps things together. The sub-games are great and extend the shelf-life. Think GTA done London style.

  9.  Nafemeister


    Top notch. An excellent game which is very playable and very suited to the PSP. I have no idea how the makers came up with the whole freaky concept but it works a treat. The music alone will have you freaking out.

  10. Miami Vice

    Miami Vice

    Playstation Portable

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.37

     Good points. Bad points.


    There are some good shoot-em-up aspects, especially given the PSPs limitations in this genre. The boat sequences are very pointless - albeit pretty to look at. Overall though the levels get rather routined and I found this title rather forgettable. I also struggled to see the tie-in value. Remove the charaters names and the setting and this could so easily be any other cop film.