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  1.  Awsome!!


    Just Awsome, its all can be said. Naruto is getting stronger, maybe stronger then the 4th Hokage.!!!! A MUST SEE SERIES!!!.

  2.  Very,Very Disapointing


    This game is a NO NO!!! the graphic's is out of date, the game play is boring and none of the ships work.

    I realy wish Iceburg would produce a great game thats worth playing not a cheap hoping to get profit game!!!!!.

  3.  Window 7


    if u get this game as a gold or single pack for forces of corruption dont it wont work on Windows 7. The first game will, but NOT the secound game. And yes i will get boring after a days play.

  4.  Good and More Challenging


    This is a much better game then the first game as once you have unlocked the Max Computer Item and add to your opponent you have to play harder, on the first game it was way to easy once you have unlocked all the items for your characters. And not just that the Galaxy mode is good as you have to use all characters not just your faverate ones to finnish the game, it is a liitle retitive when having to fight 2 fighters when you have no life at all (part the mission conditions). But apart from that good game all round. Good GFX.

  5. MAG



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    i rented this game because of the big hype of the game and well wasn't very impressed in it at all. Yeah you get alot of players playing, but thats nothing when you have a army of 128 players that dont know the meaning of "TEAM WORK!" and because of that you loose alot and thats not alot of fun. The exprieance system could of done abit more thought in it, i mean it takes along time to get upgrades for your characters equipment, it may not be as easy to upgrade like COD 4 is but do you realy want to spend a day just to get one point and not get very far. After you win or lost (Mostly lost) a match you get experiants points for kills and planting bombs, etc. then you get to upgrade you guns, and you rank up, when at a sargent level rank you able to command a squad and as you progress you command platoons and then companys and able to call in airstrikes, morters and etc. Now the most important bit is firing your guns, its not like COD 4 hardcore with one shot one kill unless shot in the head or being a sniper (very hard). its more in firing in short bursts and placing your shots. Thank goodness you WONT have to worry about those annoying bunny hoppers (jumping underfire) because the player your shooting at cant shoot back while in the air. when your a squad leader and want to lead your men to victory its best to have a clan becasue then you would have a sure thing of TEAM WORK! tactics and win more times than loosing. the rocket launcher is a little underpowered when shooting at APC's and if in a tight spots your'll fined that it dont kill a group of people in one spot. I.E if i see 5 men in a building and in a bunched up form i fire my rocket it may kill one enamy soldier but not the other 4 solders same with grenades. but even with the ranking problem and lack of TEAM WORK its a good average game. thats way i gave it a 4 star.

  6.  Great Game!


    This game is the best, it may seem the same as the PS2 games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series but who cares the controls are easy and fun,a 4 year old could play it. i like the next game if there is to be one, to be like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. I like to work for my favourite characters powers. After recently seen all episodes of DragonBall/DragonBall Z series i am a new fan of the great TV series.