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  1.  Phenomenal 5 stars isn't enough!


    An incredible film, I have only just bought Transformers on Blu Ray and had not seen it until today. I am totally shocked it is an absolutely awesome film there is nothing wrong whatsoever, the story is excellent with some comedy thrown in with an excellent cast, the special effects are out of this world and to date this is the best Blu Ray film I have seen ever! High Definition is the way forward and this film shows why! Its an edge of the seat journey you have to take!

  2.  Waiting being the word!!


    There are 2 types of people in the world those who will love this film and those who will stare at the screen blank 'waiting' for 'it' to happen, well rest assured it doesn't happen. It's not a complex film so you get its point but it is in no way funny, I think I laughed once at some pathetic attempt to be humourous but its not memorable at all. Just what you'd expect the staff to be like in a cheap, second rate restaurant with the horrible display of hygenie. Avoid this if you want to eat out again, Ryan Reynolds why did you accept this role?? Who knows??

  3.  Excellent


    If you want to keep with the times and keep your collection up to date then this is a must have. An amazing film with fantastic features. Although the transfer doesn't meet expectations of some I was very pleased and surely the fact the film is high def brings something to the screen especially all that's included. No hesitation whatsoever if you like this film you'll love this edition!! Buy buy buy!!

  4.  On The Fence


    Being a Russell Brand fan I bought this film hoping it to be a laugh a minute, but sadly although fairly amusing found it to be lame. Don't get me wrong there are some good points but equally some boring ones too thats why my rating is 50/50. The story isn't terrible although predictable it just lacks some of Russell's humour he so rightly deserves to show. My advice is this is one to rent rather than buy.

  5.  Waste of time!!!


    This has to be the WORST film I have watched in a long long time. It is such a low budget, long winded waste of time so save your money, valuable time and life by not watching this appalling film!!! The advert showed this film in such a different light, quoting similaries to "Shaun of the dead" which is a massive insult! The effects are terrible and the mutated sheep and humans are as low budget as Jim Hensons muppets. If i owned a camera, a field, a load of sheep, some sparklers and some face paint I could of probably done a better job than this rubbish! Honestly 1 star is far too generous! Give this a miss!

  6.  Stunning Stiller & Oustanding Owen in a Remarkable Remake


    A truly first class performance by Ben Stiller, he and Owen Wilson kept this remake alive with their electric personalities and creative acting.

    An outstanding film covering such a huge show in only an hour and a half! and now in Blu Ray this film exceeds all expectations.

  7.  A Simpsons Must Have..!!


    An absolutely amazing film with fantastic humor, I went to the cinema to watch this and cant wait to get it on blu ray for maximum high definition..!! Bring on number 2.!!