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  1.  Well balanced serie


    As with most animes, you (the viewer) are more or less on your own trying to figure out what's going on and who's who. However, in ' Eden of the East' , the main character is suffering from memory loss, so he's equally surprised by the plot twists, which is one of the strengths of this anime. Overall, Eden is well-balanced, some drama, some funny parts, some weird parts. For people how are new to anime, this would be a good starter, especially since this is real bargain.

  2.  Also for non-anime fans !


    People who think Anime is just for kids, should give this movie a try. This movie is intended for adults, so the story line can be a bit confusing at times. The movie switches a lot between reality and dream(s), which means that watching the movies a number of times is recommended !

  3.  Refreshing story-line


    Darker then Black has got a be one of the better animes I've seen so far. The story line itself is really refreshing because differents parts of the overall story are being told per two episodes. This way you don't get the idea you're watching the same basic epidose over and over again.
    The overall look and feel of this serie is also very good and the dvd-menus look very professional. The various dvd's contain some extra's like charachter desrictions and some basic art work.
    The product itself is just a box with six dvd's, so no art-cards or booklets are included. Looking at the price though, I'd say it's excellent value for money.

  4.  Great value for money


    Bought this based on the positive feedbacks below and the fact that 12 euro isn't much for more then 10 hours on 6 dvd's. Heat Guy J is a nice allround anime, sort of a Ghost in the Shell lite ; although there's a fair share of violence in this anime, it never gets really rough. Only thing that supprised me, is that bullets apperently are really expensive in 'Judoh', because the main (human) charachter, Daiseke, only gets 4 rounds at a time, due to 'a thight budget' ?!

  5.  Great !


    The 2nd Gig from Ghost in the Shell is as good, or even better then the first. The overall storyline is very compeling, and fairly easy to understand/follow. Also, the typical Japanese humor (Tanks that talk and act like childeren) and weird conversations aren't forgotten
    If you loved the GITS first movie, you'll certainly enjoy this boxset !