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  1.  Demo


    A great improvement from the first game. From what I have played expect a thrilling single player and story.

    However, the AI seems to be a little under par when you compare it to some shooters today. Graphics are not brilliant, but still pretty good. Online matches are very prone to lag and it becomes common to see people gliding over the place. And it becomes impossible to shoot the dogs which down you in one hit. The damage system is very annoying because at times you can put an entire clip into another player and it will only down them. It's worse than halo because you can't melee, you can only use a human shield which becomes pointless because they break out of it so quickly.

    All in all, destructable enviroments, improved cover and more making this game far better than the original, but still below standards in my view.

  2.  Awesome


    Everything about this game is brilliant. The only downside is the glitches...but what can you expect from such a massive game. Great game play, awesome rpg elements, best character creation ever. Recommend it for any and all rpg and shooter fans.

  3.  One of my favourites


    Awesome game play and shooting engine, driving is really good (However you always use taxis as driving between missions takes too long), great storyline, quite a long game with a lot to do in it. Loved this game. The only downside I can think of is that the free aiming can be dodgy sometimes.

  4.  Really good game


    Its challenging, its got a great story, great rpg elements, really solid game. However the gore mechanic is terrible, really poorly done and rushed, and until you start getting lots of special abilities its more like an interactive movie than a game.

  5.  Much better than the first


    Recommend this to shooter and rpg fans everywhere. Great story, great game play, all round, great! It has vastly improved from the first game, everything is much more fluent and more convenient, I loved it, and im playing through it again now as a renegade (first play through I was paragon) to compare results in mass effect 3!