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  1.  King Of 3D, Here We Come....


    This game is one of my most favourite games in the whole of the gaming world. I believe that this has the graphical technology to make peoples minds explode with it's amazing quality and brilliant dynamics, with original game being good and all it didn't really take off to be honest and if this doesn't shoot the franchise into world history, I don't know what will. The story sees you as a normal marine soildier who turns into a technical masterpiece along with the help of the Nanosuit 2.0. Even though it has a 12 hour campaign they could've compiled the middle section slightly more, that's were it all kind of fell apart. THe multiplayer cam with twelve maps, but i didn't really see the point in the limited edtion stuff, cause you unlocked it all eventually. The multiplayer played well but the odd connection error didn't stop me enjoying the experience. The perk system for the suit worked well as an addition to the experience but the weapon range could've been expanded more. Overall as a game, worth the money.

  2.  Good game for good value


    the game shows what a real mx game should be like and i think that anybody would find this game good but my only problem with it is that after i'd won a race it said ATV vehicles unlocked went into the garage no ATV's so be careful.



    This game suprised me so much and that is good because all of the levels are so creative and imaginative and the downloadable content from the playstation store is massive. you can get about 100 different sackboys and you can get level creators for differtent other games or films such as metal solid gear 4 and pirates of the caribbean and the online is amazing. My fav is Little Dead Space.

  4.  Jesus Christ. so good


    This game shows what can be achieved by the inventer infinity ward. Now that they have made their last game activision and treyarch are taking over.this is not a game which makes you motion sick. its a game which would make you want to play again and again and again. the multiplayer is addictive. round of applause to infinity ward best cod game ive played

  5.  Not as good as the second one. try again naughty dog


    the game is very good and the storyline is easy to follow. But thier are way to many gun battles to fight yuor way through and if you try it on crushing. good luck to you. but apart from my nitpicking a good game and watch out for chapter 7. so much fun.

  6.  Good but a bit long


    This game shows the life of Ezio Auditore Di Firenze and follows him in a journey with his family. his brother, father and reind petrucio. the bad thing is is that the story line is not that easy to follow

  7.  Naughty Dog Please Make Uncharted 3


    When I got my PS3 for christmas I thought, it hasnt come with any games. But when I opened my next present, there it was. Now I wasnt bothered at first but the next day when I set it up it was the first ever PS3 game id played on. I voted for it as game of the year. phenomonal

  8.  Every Body Thought Batman Was A Baby, Not Any More


    After buying this game, you start playing and you think yeah its batman but the gadgets you get throughout the game are fandabidosi and you can use stuff really use full like the line launcher to get across large gaps/holes. Overall a phenomonal game, maybe even game of the year. Just look out for the second Batman AA its going to be set on Arkham island and a small corner of gotham city and you will see the joker is doing very well in recovering from the titus injection he gave himself at the end of this game. Joker's back HaHaHaHaHa.