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  1.  Best COD Since COD4


    Ok, let's just say the reviews everywhere haven't been good for this game. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; and my opinion is this game is Superb.

    Treyarch are trying to develop the game and keep gamers interested. They've put loads of new features in like customizable tags, more guns, and a new 'COD Points System.'

    It will take time to develop to the features and understand Black Ops have gone into a new era of multiplayer. It's way more balenced.

    Overall, the most balenced and enjoyable game since COD4 - (the best game, EVER).

  2.  Best Comedy...Ever.


    Now you may be thinking really? the best comedy ever? Yes, it really is in my opinion, the best comedy ever.

    'The Office' is split into 2 series, 6 episodes in each series + 2 christmas specials. Each episode lasts approx 30mins. So 30minsx12 of footage + 1hr 30mins of xmas specials. About 440 mins overall of great comedy!!!

    'The Office' is set as a documentry, which really gives the feel of 'unintentional comdey.' The acting is so superb, you really think that this is a real documentry and not a fictional paper merchants. The episodes follow suit which, if you watch in order, concludes to the a great ending.

    All in all, this is a must have to add to your dvd collection. Buy it NOW.

  3.  Below Par


    The eco-button basically puts the computer into a 'sleep' mode and saves you money. You can then quickly resume your work with a touch of the button.


    - Saves a fair amount of money
    - Quickly resumes work


    - Not very good value for money
    - You could most probably be able to put it into a sleep mode with a free downloadable programme.
    - Bit gimmike



    Based on the beta, this game looks, feels and in general, is amazing! The online objectives are brilliant as well as the graphics, physics and most of all the gameplay. This game is a must buy. Definately going to buy this game. 10/10

  5.  Very Good


    Graphics - 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
    Bonus Material - 9/10
    Overall - 8.5/10



    To begin with, the graphics are PS2 standard. The destructible environments are a positive yet the gameplay gets boring after a few minutes. The 3rd person view has ruined the game; they should have kept it FPS like the last two games. It's ruined the series of games. In my opinion, this game is PS2 standard.



    This game is brilliant. It carries the same structure from the the ps2 buzz! Games and incorporates better graphics and brilliant online!!! You can make your own quiz and post it on so people accross the world can play it!! It also has trophies. You can also buy additional quiz packs for it. Overall, 9 out of 10.

  8.  Below par - What do you do?


    I bought this game based on the very high ratings. I started on the story mode, which, wasn't very exciting, just jumping up and down to get to the end the mission. Then i tried the second mission!! Again, nothing new, just pressing the right directional buttons and tapping x now and again.

    I then had a go online. I went on a mission with another person, but it's like playing the story but with another person!!! To be honest, what are you meant to do in this game. I am one of the very few people that dislike this game. I am sure you would think it's good. If you like customising stuff, then your gonna like this. It's just not my type of game.

  9.  Excellent Campaign


    I really enjoy this game. The missions in the campaign are very long and detailed, as are the graphics. Trophies are included which is a bonus because I like to collect them. Also, it's PS3 exclusive. The campaign as a whole is long and rewarding. The gameplay is good. I haven't really used the online features but from i have played, i was very happy with. Overall, this game has a long lifespan with a decent online. I would certainly reccomend this game.

  10.  BRILLIANT!!!


    Do not hesitate in buying this superb product! The mouse pad on the side is a great feature for browsing the internet. Thanks to this great keyboard, with a great desingn, I am able to type messages a thousand times quicker! There are also shortcut buttons aswell such as the x, square, circle and triangle buttons, and a fast forward and rewind buttons for DVD's. Also the setup proccess is so simple, it will take you a minute to do!! A highly reccomended product...