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  1.  This is One in a Million!


    First off, the whole band is a massive triumph - this is real music! This album is very Powerful and it connects in an amazing way! Myles' Voice has never sounded better and Tremonti's heavy riffs and powerful solos are the BOMB! Scott 'Flip' Phillips is still producing those heavy and sick drum fills and Brian who puts that power and heavy bass and "UMPH" into the music ! This band is truly fantastic!

  2.  One of a Kind!


    Aliens Vs Predator '2010' is One of a Kind!

    It features up to 20+ hours of Single Player action which is split into the 3 Story Modes for each Species (Human, Predator, and Alien). The missions you encounter will involve a mixture of Sabotage, Stealth, Slaughter, Rescue, and Intense Combat!

    The Aliens Vs Predator Multiplayer is also very unique!
    There are 7 Game Modes:
    1. Deathmatch (Free For All)
    2. 3-Way Species Team Death Match
    3. Mixed Species Team Death Match
    4. Hunt Mode
    5. Survivor Mode
    6. Infestation Mode
    7. Domination

    Many would expect the Multiplayer to be completely off balanced and 'Un-Fair' due to the fact that one species is more advanced than the other. Wrong!!! Each Species has it's strengths and weaknesses, and it's down to the player to find out what they are! AVP Multiplayer is very unique in it's own way and you need to work as team if you want to make it through the match alive! AVP Multiplayer also includes a ranking system with extras and character skins you can unlock. There are leaderboads and player stats for you to keep track of and compete with players around the world. Join a Ranked Match, or create a party with your mates and have a blast online with the Player Match option, or even create a Private Match and invite some friends and perhaps come up with your own game modes!

    In terms of Graphics, Aliens Vs Predator has very sharp and very effective detail. Rebellion focused on giving the Setting a dark and mysterious feel to it. You could be in a dark jungle where a Predator could be watching you, or you could be underground in an Alien Hive and a player is right on the celing above you, and you have no clue he/she is there until you see their tail burst through your chest!

    Compared to the Demo:
    I'm unsure about this but I was told that the Demo is actually 8 months old, even though it was released a couple weeks ago. This means that the Demo will contain a few errors and bugs, and perhaps some of the Graphical quality will be a bit poor in certain areas. But it barely resembles what the Actual Game will be like!

    Aliens Vs Predator 2010 is very unique in it's own way. If I was to be a professional game reviewer I would give it a "9.8 out of 10".

    Reason being is because it is Great Fun, Awesome, Scary, Violent, and Bloody Hilarious! I personally recommend this game because it is not a type of game that comes often!