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  1.  After Much Diliberation...This Game Rocks!


    I gave this game a lot of thought before commiting to buying it. I think i read almost every review on the internet, i wanted it to be good, it looked good but all the reviews said it was pants. Eventually i bought it anyways (for 9.99 you cant go wrong) and i'm so glad i did!! This game is awesome and all the things that the reviews critised it for are very VERY minor!! For example, the camera, all reviews say how annoying it is not being able to move it...press LB...simple, it centres the camera behind Baldur. Another thing most reviewers moaned about was the Valkyre that comes when you die and how tedious it is...Think of it as a load screen!! and it's not like it takes you back to a check point and you have to do all of the same bit again, if you have a boss at half health and die, you spawn with the boss at the same amount of health!! This coupled with the xbox live coop feature, makes for a great game!! if you are debating whether or not to part with 9.99 like i was, then i say do, you wont regreat it!! it's not as bad as reviewers say, and the story is great!



    Pre-ordered this game as soon as i played the demo and it arrived whilst i was on holiday. I was itching to get back to it counting down the days until i could play it...wish i hadn't! Within an hour i was so frustrated i had to turn it off and swear never to play it again! Lets start with the positives. The graphics are amazing, as is the story. The fighting is repeatitive but fine, and the upgrades adequate. The negatives...THE GAMEPLAY!! If you're not fighting you have to do tedious puzzles and complicated squenced button pushing (failing too hit one means starting over). This wouldn't be much of an issue if it was every now and then, but seeing as it's mostly tedium with fighting woven in, you may spend most of this game frustrated and thinking it could have been so much more. My advice is rent first, because in my eyes it's 40 pounds wasted!!