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  1.  Another excellent season of Family Guy


    I have recently seen all of these family guy on bbc3 and they are truly hilarious.
    Once again Seth McFarlane has thought up more classic jokes and hilarious one liners as Peter,Lois,Stewie,Brian,Meg and Chris return with more episodes that will go down in animated comedy history.
    A must buy for any comedy fan or family guy fanatic.

  2.  Transformers-A Great Sequel, with Megan Fox


    Theres no doubt that Duo Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have struck GOLD with the Transformers movies. With Shia La Beouf putting in a great performance as Sam Whitwickey and who would disagree that any film with Megan Fox in is worth watching, Megan Fox does however put in another EXCELLENT performance as Mikaela Banes.
    With a 10/10 for the creation of the Transformers with CGI and another BRILLIANTLY thought up story line i truly cant wait for transformers 3.

  3.  Will Smith Is A Movie LEGEND


    Will Smith once again kept me glued to the screen the whole time this movie was on.
    He performs fantasticly as presumably alone survivor in New York with only his companion Sam who is his trusty dog for mist of the film.
    With amazing CGI of a deserted and overrun New York City this is a definate winner for Will Smith, action and mild horror fans. Fantastic however the ending slighty destroys the hole point of the film but i guess you will figure that out for yourself because this dvd is a bargain.

  4.  Batman The Dark Knight-FANTASTIC


    I seen this film afew months ago about a year after it came out and i have to admit i was missing out toatally.
    The dark knight has a FANTASTIC story and BRILLIANT actors with Christian Bale delivering a GREAT performance as Bruce Wayne and Batman with the late great Heath Ledger showing his acting expertise with an AMAZING performance as the Joker.
    Michael Caine, Aaron Eckheart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman also acting perfectly in there roles.
    This is a great sequel to Batman begins and a must see for any Batman or Superhero fan.
    10/10 for every part of the movie an instant action classic.

  5.  Assassins Creed 2-FANTASTIC


    AMAZING.if you thought the first assassins creed was good then you will be amazed at how much this game has improved.
    The graphics,the storyline and the gameplay are fantastic and you will be addicted to this game until you finish it.
    One of the best games of 2009 and a great sequel to the first game. 10/10

  6.  Angels and Demons-Fantastic


    I have read all 5 of Dan Browns books including the lost symbol, and after reading this i think you will agree that this is by far one of his greatest novels.
    A bargain for this price and a must buy.
    10/10 a fantastic thriller with a great story with plenty of twists and a book you will fin hard to put down.

  7.  UP-Pretty Average but good for the price


    Preety Average graphics and gameplay but will bring some fun as you play thrrough the game with out much difficulty whilst getting some easy achievments along the way.

  8.  The Da Vinci Code-A Brainy thriller- CLASSIC


    FANTASTIC.That is the one word to describe this amazing book. Not for a long time has such a great novel been written.
    This is a must buy for any fans of Dan Browns previous novel Angels and Demons. This is a classic book and a bargain for under a fiver!!!

  9.  Shaun of the Dead- Yeah Boiii!!!


    This movie is very funny and very entertaining with great acting by Siomon Pegg and Nick Frost.
    When the world gets taken over by flesh eating zombies shaun and his best friend Ed must battle the horrifiying monsters to save the world. Whilst Shaun tries to win back his girlfriend Liz with hilarious outcomes.
    A must buy for fans of Hot Fuzz!!

  10.  Borat-Truly Hilarious


    This is one of the funniest films ever.
    Sacha Baron Cohen has created yet another genius character with Borat a Kazacstanian tourist making a documentry about american life with hilarious outcomes.
    A must buy for fans of Ali G and Bruno.