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  1.  Everybody should read a book like this


    The idea of this book had me gripped enough, but when actually reading it I couldn't put it down. Patterson writes about an era of history that is hard enough talk about let alone to read about in such detail as Patterson uses. I cried so many times when reading this and I think that everyone should read this or a book like it. All the way through I kept making comparisons to 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. The courage of Ben Corbett and Abraham Cross leaps from the page. Heartwarmingly funny, but heartbreaking as well, this is Pattersons best book to date. Breathtaking.

  2.  thriller writing doesn't get much better


    With the reappearance of the mastermind this is one of the best Cross books to date. I've read the entire series and read this in a plane journey to teneriffe. Wishing I could read faster and faster. The book is full of suspense, the brilliant charm of Cross, and many chapters where you won't take a breath. Simply brilliant!

  3.  Suspense, twists and turns. Amazing!!


    This book is incredible! I don't know what more to say. The characters are palpable and the story line is thoroughly enjoyable. The best of Harlan Coben's books by far. Fantastically written I can't sing it's praises high enough!

  4.  Simply. Beautiful.


    This book is such a change for Patterson and being a lover of his crime work I was excited to see his attempt at a completely different genre. To put this simply, Sam's Letters to Jennifer is beautiful. It is eloquently written and poignant at times. From a man who has written such dark novels in Cross and The Women's Murder Club Series this is a breath of fresh air. An astonishing difference that made me cry page after page. Tissues are definitely required for this one and if you're really lucky a good bar of chocolate and a hot bath too!!

  5.  What a starter!


    The minute you get introduced to Lindsay Boxer you never want harm to come to her. The women's murder club is and incredible series of books, I will pass a small warning that the plots of some of the later series get a little lost at times. 1, 2, 3 and 4 are fantastic. I am yet to read 8 and 9 but do not let me put you off. Patterson is an incredible writer and if you love this series you will love the Cross series too. I have never read a bad James Patterson book. 1st to Die will grip you from the being and make you stay up all night to get to the end!

  6.  Lovers of the book stay away!


    I realise that when you go to the cinema and the opening credits say 'based on' I don't expect the film to be close to the book. However if you are gonna base a film on a book, do us book lovers a favour and change the name of the film!! The film fails to recreate the magic behind the book. I knew the film was ruined when Holly and Gerry were arguing over money at the start of the film. I will admitt Gerald Butler plays a Gerry well, but the film still was lacking for me. Even if you accept the 'based on' title you still come out feeling wanting. The magic wasn't there, the chemistry wasn't right and I left feeling more than a little let down.

  7.  Outstanding!


    I could sit here for hours and review every Cross book but they would all say the same thing. Patterson brings you into a world where you quickly fall in love with his characters, he makes you a part of Alex's world. There have been so many chapters throughout the series where I have not taken a breath waiting to see if my favourite characters make it too the end. Thank Patterson then for writting in short chapters!! Patterson has some very twisted books but they are well worth the read and well worth every moment you spend on them. The books come alive, his writing is quick, descriptive and unbelievably good!!

  8.  A really different read!


    The Time Traveller's Wife is undoubtably my favourite book, so when Her Fearful Symmetry was released I was completely overeager to get my hands on it. It's again beautifully written in Niffenegger's eloquent and very individual way. I felt at times I had to keep trying with this one, but by the end yet again Niffenegger had me in tears. Her work is poignant, eloquent and beautifully written. Yet again another magical novel that I highly recommend. Niffengger has wonderfully unique ideas and brings them to life so you can live her world along with her.

  9.  Where did the magic go?


    If like me you are a lover of the book please believe me when I say the film has nothing on it. I fell in love with Claire and Henry and I've read the book at least 4 times. The magic in the book is not in the film. The first time I read the book I felt the love, the whispers, the moment they met took my breath away. The film fell very far short of such a magical, intense and breathtaking story.

  10.  Beautifully Magical


    Although the plot seems difficult at times, stick with it. This book is eloquent and manipulates the english language and the way you see love in such a way that you can not put it down and when you finally do, you wish you didn't have to. Niffenger writes in an incredible way and brings this love story to life in a way that makes you loose yourself in Claire and Henry's world. It is poignant, beautiful, heartbreaking, and hopeful. Stick with it, it is without a moments doubt the best book I have ever read and my all time favourite. If only all books could be this good.