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  1.  Long-awaited next-gen AVP game!


    This game is a masterpiece. I grew up with the Alien and Predator films and was pleasantly surprised when they made Alien vs Predator. While AVP was good I believe the original films were outstanding works of film and stand the test of time today. Long story short if you haven't seen them then get to it!
    As far as this game is concerned it really does throw you headlong into the world from those films. I think the game designers put more emphasis on the original films because there are little nods to it for instance early on in the marine campaign you are at a temporary command post and have to hold off an alien assault on a corridor supported by sentry guns much like in Aliens.
    For me the marine campaign is what the game is all about atmospheric unsettling and downright panic-inducing at times. If you get into it you really dont have time to draw breath and I dont think you could say you had fun in a conventional sense playing as the marine but it does put you in a tense action-packed world where you have to be on your guard waiting for the next ambush. Shuffling around in the dark with a flashlight is a nice touch and it can leave you feeling isolated and open to attack. The motion tracker is a great addition and it leaves you wondering where the next attack will come from with frequent scans necessary to avoid getting dropped on from one of the vents.
    The Predator missions are a lot of fun and when up against humans you can really delve into the stealth element and using a mixture of cloaking device and sneak attacks its quite possible to wipe out every marine in sight. The heat vision from the films is here and its a lot more defined than the one shown in the original film making it very useable against enemies. Another nice touch is the way marines will fire blind when you cloak and leap away much like the original Predator film. There is also an element of trophy kills with I guess about half a dozen different ways to eviscerate an opponent which is in keeping with the spirit of the Predator.
    The Alien campaign has the only for want of a better word flaw in it. While the combat is excellent and the ability to climb any surface makes for a fast, free-flowing experience the overall vision of the Alien takes a little time getting used to. If you put a bit of thought into it then it makes sense however. After all the Alien doesnt actually see in fact it doesnt have eyes at all. Its not a big deal once you get used to it but for instance the automatic night vision blurs the screen slightly. In addition while humans are given a green or red aura which although faint does add to the sense of disorientation until your eyes and mind adjust. The abilities of the Alien make it feel untouchable at times. Almost invisible in darkness able to clearly track any enemy climb any surface and with a great potential for ambush the Alien feels like what might happen if sharks were adapted to living on land.
    I play a lot of games particularly shooters and to me this game is one of the best on PS3. Call of Duty is great but it cant hope to match the atmosphere and sheer feeling of vulnerability of this game. Other shooters such as Far Cry 2 and Killzone 2 are good games set in interesting places but while action-packed they dont deliver the same element of fear that AVP does while the likes of Resident Evil 5 though edgy still cant match the tension of a first person game. The third person perspective just gives your mind an extra second to perceive danger whereas in first person as in AVP it just comes at you. I think this is the best shooter on PS3 and behind Prototype its the second best game available on the machine.