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  1.  No Strings Attached


    MUST SEE!!! This is such a uniquely quirky and funny film that will have you both laughing and reaching for the tissues towards the end!! Not necessarily the "conventional" rom-com - normally the guy is the one not wanting the serious relationship!! Kutcher and Portman are both fab and portray a believable relationship. All the additional supporting cast are also very funny and prove credible characters to the storyline - would definitely recommend watching (and buying, you'll want to see it again) this film!!

  2.  Very Sweet


    This is a great film for the family; sweet storyline, humorous, and loads of opportunities for laugh out loud moments, however I wouldn't say this is Carrey at his best. This is more for the younger audience (probably obvious through the title and promo), but I would still recommend adults watching, especially those with children. Not necessarily a film to add to your DVD collection, but worth viewing at least the once. There are several classic Jim Carrey moments - the funny faces and ridiculous answers to everything, though not to the extent of Ace Ventura. (His NYC apartment is amazing... I want it!!) Overall a sweet little family film that's worth a watch.

  3.  Life and Laughing


    Michael McIntyre is such a legend! This book is so funny throughout and it's almost as if he is reading it to you, you can totally imagine him doing and saying all of the ridiculous stories and anecdotes he describes. From his disasterous dating record, college and university fun, his wife, his children, everything is covered right up until his royal variety performance. Immaculately written (on his new 27 inch iMac), this book will have you in stitches as well as tears with his heart-warming truth and honestly. I read this on holiday and found it a great summer read, although it did not take long as I could not put it down!! The only thing I found, as someone born in the '90s, I did not know most of the people/films/tv shows he was referencing! There seemed to be a lot of this as well, and so I did not get a few of the gags, but I still found it thoroughly entertaining and an incredibly enjoyable read. If you're a McIntyre fan, I would 100% recommend buying this book, you'll love it. So looking forward to his 2012 tour!!

  4.  The Knife of Never Letting Go..!


    This is an incredibly fast paced book with tonnes of exciting stuff happening from beginning until end. It tells the story of the astonishingly persistent but loving Todd Hewitt and his seemingly never-ending journey of hope, along with his friend Viola, as well as many enemies along the way. There are quite a few characters to keep up with, and throughout the story there is always something happening with another surprise just around the corner. A fantastic story with a huge cliff-hanger that will leave you wanting more!!

  5.  Bad Teacher


    A very funny, sarcastic, witty, over the top movie that's extremely enjoyable. Cameron Diaz is fab and very funny throughout. The supporting actors are also great and all complement each other perfectly. The careless and reckless things that this "bad teacher" gets up to are a bit on the ridiculous side but are very humourous to watch. The storyline is quite simple, but the way in which the script is written and the way the story pans out makes this a great film to add to your collection!

  6.  Black Swan


    This film is strange but stunning. You don't have to particularly like ballet at all to appreciate the immaculate attention to detail and the true depth of the story being told. At first I wasn't completely sure what was going on but as you get into it you realise the true nature of the film. Natalie Portman is fantastic as is Mila Kunis. This isn't normally the type of film I would watch, but I would totally recommend watching it for a psychological thriller!

  7.  Friends With Benefits


    This is going straight into my top fav films!! I absolutely loved this movie from beginning until end. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have an amazing on screen relationship which translates into a believable friendship and romance as well as being very humorous! Storyline is very sweet, locations of NY and LA are awesome, music throughout is very cool (loved the emphasis of "Closing Time"), acting is great, and I totally think this is stand-out from other romantic comedies. Justin Timberlake is proving to be an extremely able actor as well as fab music artist, and you can see a great performance on his part within the film. I normally wait for DVDs to drop in price somewhat before purchasing them, but I'm thinking this will be one of the few I will pre-order!! LOVED IT!

  8.  Horrible Bosses


    Though the basic premise for this film might be a bit extreme and unrealistic, I still think it's a really great watch. An excellent cast in which is hilariously funny throughout provides tonnes of entertainment from beginning until end. Paced perfectly the whole time and not necessarily predictable, I would definitely recommend watching Horrible Bosses!!

  9.  Cloverfield


    Thoroughly entertaining, realistic, and freaky. I found this film well paced with a great little bunch of characters trying to survive the attack on New York City by the Cloverfield monster. Believable acting throughout, not-too-shabby graphics and special effects, and just generally an awesome storyline that's different from anything else of late. The huge monster itself, and it's "little friends", are very weird and freaky and the way the movie is filmed also makes the whole experience seem very realistic (no motion sickness for me, despite other reviews and Internet speculation!). After all the trauma, a cool little ending, too, which is somewhat ambiguous (mysterious shape falling from the sky and voice recording after credits). I would definitely recommend watching this film at least once and adding it to your DVD collection.

  10.  Paul


    I've got to admit, I expected more from this movie, however it is still definitely worth watching. The smoking, swearing, sarcastic alien is very funny and also very realistic. The on screen relationship between Pegg and Frost is great as usual and they provide many laugh out loud moments. This film had surprisingly more swearing than I thought - didn't realise it was rated 15, don't let the animated alien let you assume otherwise!! The only reason I gave this film just 3 stars is because this is simply not my favourite genre of film (though the comedy is great), but I have no doubt it is still very enjoyable for many people, especially that of sci-fi and obviously alien fans.