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  1.  If you want it, Buy it, You wont be Disappointed


    I Have wanted this product for about 2 years now and ive finaly got round to getting it, There has been many times that I have been able to afford it but I always talked myself out of buying it because of its large price Tag, But as soon as you get it, set it up, you will realise that it is worth every penny, The quality Is amazing and it is so easy to set up and use compared to other Recording devices, I mean its so good that the quality of the video is actually better than the TV itself, Also the software that it is bundled with works perfectly and doesn't freeze when you finish capturing no matter how long the video is (Unlike the Dazzle DVC-100), The best way to summarise this product is, "You get what you pay for" and you really REALLY do, Not only is the quality Fantastic, The build quality is great too, And the device itself looks amazing, complete with the futuristic Blue neon light appearance it looks like the most advanced piece of technology in my room.

    If you think this wont be worth your money then think again, If you want this and you have the money, just buy it, Because you can always return it within a certain time if you decide its not worth what you paid, although I will be very surprised if anybody isn't satisfied


  2.  A few minor problems let them down a bit.


    First of all id like to say that they are totally worth the money you pay for them, I mean you will not get a better headset for this price.

    Build Quality: 10/10 - What can I say other than the build quality is excellent, Everything that this headset is made from is great quality, and I mean everything, Great wires, connections, materials, everything. This headset will last.

    Sound Quality: 7/10 - This is one of the minor problems, The sound quality is good but not great, it sounds a bit dampened / muffled so you dont hear everything in full clarity, also the bass is a little weak for a 40mm driver. I expected more, You can hear everything around you, including the voice chat of your team-mates It just feels a little lacking in parts, BUT you have to remember the price of the headset, and for what I payed the sound quality you get is well worth it.

    Comfort: 6/10 - This is the main problem I have with the headphones, when you look at the headphones you would imagine they would be very comfortable, but I found myself moving and adjusting the headphones around for a long time before I actualy got them to sit comfortably, The problem they have is that the ear cups are so big that your ear just ends up touching the plastic rather than the cushion, which causes discomfort, and if your wondering, I have rather small ears, so I imagine this problem would be even worse for somebody with larger ears.

    I gave this product a 4 star but It would of been a 3 star if it wasnt for the amazing build quality.

    I still recommend this headset for somebody wanting a cheap but good headset. but if you are wanting a more comfortable headset then id be thinking about paying a bit more for a "better" headset

  3.  Really nice jacket


    im 17 and 6'2 in size, the jacket is brilliant perfect body fit, very good quality and is really warm, wore it for 6th form for 2 days now and i really like it, the arms are a little short but the good thing about that is if you wear a coloured jumper underneath the colour shows for about 1 inch on wrist which gives it a good look as the jumper is also shown from the gap at the top, i wouldnt advise wearing it without something underneath as the arms are that little bit too short.

    the inside of the jacket is lined with purple, so id say a purple jumper would look best,

    i have also bought the atticus gloves to go with the jacket which are on their way

    i recomend this jacket

  4.  Really really good.


    as i read previous reviews before buying this i expected it too be really good, so i wasn't too surprised when i tested it and it was exactly how people had said, this product is amazing, the bass is very clear, the only thing i can say about this is that when you turn it right up to the top on both your ipod and speaker it rumbles quite allot due to the volume and amplification of the bass which slightly distorts the sound with a sort of vibrating sound your phone would make but only on the deep bass, so id keep the volume around 70% for the best quality, which is still very loud by the way. the product has a 3.5mm jack that you pull out from a slot in the bottom, the wire length is about 10cm so it is only really for use when right next to your music device unless you use a 3.5mm extension
    it comes boxed with a carry bag, a charger, a manual and a charity leaflet.
    I have only had the product for one day and it feels really well built, im just worried that it might break if dropped on a hard surface (not smash, i mean destroy the insides) and also when you open it out like on the picture, it would be really easy to pull apart and break(not that ive tried) so dont let small children or pets near it when in use.
    i recommend this product to anyone who wants a portable / clear / loud speaker because this one is the best. and for the price you pay it is very much worth it

  5.  Better than I expected.


    As i am a bit disapointed with skullcandy as i purchased the g.i headphones for around 70 pound at the time ans they were terrible quality, i havent really trusted them since, i was really doubting these would be good. my previous earphones were senheisser and they were brilliant quality, i was going to buy another pair but I seen these were on sale and they had good reviews. so i gave them a try and they are actualy better than i expected. very good, clear sound quality and I can say that the bass is even better than the cx500's i had previously

  6.  absolutely brilliant


    I actually cannot believe I got these headphones for 12.99, there absolutely top sound quality, easily the best ive heard, everything is at perfect hearing levels and is amazing quality, the bass is unbelievably crisp, deep and great quality, they make songs sound so much better.
    i cant believe I payed about 70 pounds for a pair of skull-candy headphones which compared to these have appalling sound quality skull candy is all about the look and not about the sound so don't buy them, sennheiser is the best value and quality for money. the sound quality is literary as good as some headphones you pay over 100 pounds for,
    they headphones are also surprisingly very comfortable, which i didn't expect as they have budget build quality, so obviously if your wanting a durable pair of headphones it would be better to go for one of the more expensive models, but if your only using them for home use and look after them they should be fine, I really advise getting these headphones

    p.s. if your into music such as Dubstep, Dnb, dance or any of that sort of music that has heavy bass, these are perfect, I tried many bass tests and every single one run clear and crisp quality. I am so happy with this purchase