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  1.  Great Hero game for guitarists


    As someone who can play the guitar to a reasonable standard, I've always struggled to enjoy the Guitar Hero series. I have particular difficulty with songs I can actually play on guitar, and find that the games tend to make it more difficult to play the songs than real life (though I do wonder whether this is down to my inability to forget what I've already learnt).

    This is different with DJ Hero. I'm in the fortunate position that I like almost all the songs included, and the specially created mixes do them all justice. The real clincher is that the exclusivity of the tracks featured means you genuinely get the feeling you're mixing the tracks together, rather than keeping something you're already familiar with going.

    It is very easy to pick up the controls, something that is helped along by the extensive but essential tutorials the game provides. Within a day I was managing hard and expert levels, but as more tracks are unlocked the challenges keep coming and I'm sure this will keep me going for a good few months.

    If you're worried about the price tag or that it's been a flop because it's not being enjoyed by enough people, I recommend you take a shot at it. The price is continuously dropping and for the enjoyment you'll undoubtably get out of it you're definitely on to a winner. It's an investment for the future too as DJ Hero 2 is just around the corner.

    If you're not interested in dance, hip-hop or electronica, this isn't going to be for you. I strongly suggest you check out the track listing before you buy it. If, however, you do like this music and can afford the price tag, then go for it. You won't be disappointed!

  2.  Outstanding!


    This movie is yet another example of how far ahead of the field Pixar is in terms of making entertaining movies for all ages. If you haven't seen this yet, I strongly recommend getting hold of the Superset. It's not too much more than the standard versions, but it ensures that if you upgrade to Bluray in the future, you have the highest quality version available. The picture quality is great no matter what version you watch though, and the real winner is the story and the fantastic comedy. I think there's enough in there to keep the kids thoroughly entertained, despite what the Disney merchandise team think.

    There are a small selection of bonus features on the standard DVD: three short films, a documentary on the Pixar team's visit to the real Paradise Falls (or rather the place it's based on) and some alternate scenes, though these aren't a patch on the plethora of extras on the Bluray disc.

    All in all, an excellent watch and a must see for all ages.