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  1.  Nice computer animation


    Appleseed is produced with beautiful computer graphics, though I prefer hand drawn animation this film is made very well. Based on Shirow Masamune' Appleseed though the story doesn't have the debt of story lines or characters that the manga series had it still is a good movie, one worth seeing.

  2.  Anima at it's best


    Personally my first exposure to the world of anima many moons ago, it still contains a wow factor, though to understand it you'd realy need to read the manga books if you want to understand it. It's a anima masterpiece still holding it's own against the high quality modern anima. It should satisfy your visual apatite, you wont go wrong adding this movie to your collection.

  3.  Aaaaaaargh!!!


    "It's the weirdest, wildest, rudest and out & out most demented anime ever made"... I could select a different range of words to describe this attempt at poor comedy, perhaps it's at a level of humor which is beyond our understanding. It could be the best thing since sliced bread in Japan, but seriously advice to all anima fans, avoid this one it's a pain in the ass.

  4.  Keeping up the high standards set by the first GIG


    Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG is the latest step in to the world of Major Kusanagi, this box set focuses on the other characters more than the first box set, and introduces new threats to section 9. It's another brilliantly put together masterpiece. Animation, music, dialog and stories are involving and entertaining... This in my opinion is another must for any collection.

  5.  Good start to the Ghost in the shell series...


    Ghost in the Shell is another Shirow Masamune master piece, this is a well thought out film. Nicely animated, though the TV series is better in my opinion, the music fits in well with the imagery and story. Considering the film is over 10 years old it still holds it's own against more recent movies, it's a enjoyable film, one worth seeing.

  6.  A good film but not a great


    Ghost in the Shell 2, another excursion into the world created by Shirow Masamune, another good film, though you wonder where they are going with the story at times. The combination of CG animation and traditional animation don't work well together in this film, though there are a lot of nice designs, the music fits in well with the imagery and story. The film is good, the CG is the letdown but it is worth seeing.

  7.  Powerfull stories and strong characters


    Based on one of manga's brilliant story tellers, Shirow Masamune. The Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. gives us more insight into the characters from the movie and introduces new ones. This is done in breathtaking animation (superior to that of the movies in my opinion) excellent stories and the soundtrack isn't bad either. Though the menu selection screens are a bit disappointing and can be off putting at times. All-in-all I would highly recommend this box set for any fan of animation and good story telling. A Manga Must!!!