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  1.  Very Very good


    Okay, not the best story line in the world, but with all these action stars in one place, all the explosions, gunfire and action, who cares about a good storyline. Cracking film. Definatley one for the boys, the 80s action movies are back.

  2.  Truly Amazing


    This is breathtaking. I dont understand how people find this film so confusing, its really not. Amazing story, amazing script, amazing actors. No more to be said except, BUY IT.

  3.  Quality


    Any fans of Adult Humour need this DVD, worth every penny. Very funny. Now im Ga'an oot on the tap.



    This is truly AMAZING. As long as you dont mind subtitles (makes no difference to me) then this film is a must. A true masterpiece. Gut wrenching in both emotional and gory ways. Without a doubt on par, if not better, than Private Ryan and We Were Soldiers. If you like war films, buy it now. Youll love it.

  5.  Disapointed


    Maybe i went into this expecting too much as i loved the Medieval series on PC, if your expecting that then you will be disapointed. The game is playable but it is very basic. Should have kept my cash for COD Black Ops.

  6.  A Triumph


    Eminem is back with a vengence. This album is by far THE best he has done. It is very honest, passionate and powerfull at the same time. He makes peace with past "beefs", apologises to fans for not being around for almost 5 years and dedicates songs to the legend that is Proof. The Daddy of Rap is back, hopefully for good. If you are an Eminem fan, you NEED this amazing album.

  7.  Tom Hanks Gold


    Tom Hanks is a great comedy actor and is rarely given credit for his older films. This film is genius, excellent story, extemely funny and worth every penny. Pure comedy genius. Also check out The Money Pit, another amazing Tom Hanks classic comedy.

  8.  Brilliant


    I first watched this when i was a little kid and i thought it was the best film ever so when i came accross it here the other day i had to buy it. Good story and well worth the price its selling for. Buy it and check it out.

  9.  Out Of This World


    If you like Alien/SciFi films and you havent seen this, you dont know what your missing. Made more chilling by the fact it is based on a true story. First watched this film when i was young and still love it the same now. Buy It.

  10.  Brilliant


    Watched as a kid and still love it as much today. Some dodgy acting in places but a brilliant story and film. Buy it now.