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  1.  Rubbish


    Ive had a couple of Tokyo Laundry shirts which have been fine but this was way below standard. On arrival it seemed like a decent shirt. However, the material was so thin you could see what was worn underneath. The shirt shrank considerably after the first (low temp) wash and now the stitching around the cuff has split after wearing it probably fewer than 10 times.

  2.  Great hoodie but......


    I love this hoodie. When it arrived I was so pleased. Its super soft and well fitting and seemingly really nice quality. But!!!! after just a couple of weeks of wear (not daily) its bobbled quite a lot. bit disappointing as it is a great item

  3.  A hit & miss season


    Of all the seasons released so far this is probably the weakest (I dont count the first series, its pretty terrible and they were just finding their feet). The set ups, the gags, the delivery.....its just not quite there. We get all kinds out outlandish stories but nothing as sublime as Bart Vs Austraila or Two Bad Neighbours and you kind of feeling you are going through the motions.
    But this series does have its moments like Homer to the Max & Viva Ned Flanders and ofcourse there are some excellent cameos.
    Its a cliche but its one for the completists.

  4.  A disappointing trek over old ground


    Firstly, I love the GTA series and feel Liberty City Stories is an excellent PSP title. This game however STINKS. T
    he map is a mess of cluttered narrow streets that are difficult to navigate. There is a glut of pointless and boring missions and more glitches than you could imagine.
    Example - Early in the story you befriend a single mum who you then must drive to a quad bike race on a trailer park.....which you must then win. However the quad bike has some of the worst handling in GTA history and if you lose you have to go collect the woman and sit through the massive load times all over again. This and many other storylines are just dire with some terrible scripting and woeful characters.
    The graphics are pretty good but the frame rate is terrible as is the buffer times. I would find myself driving fast down a street only for the road underneath me to dissappear completely while I wait for it to load. Or I could be driving and crash into an invisible object only for a tree to appear a second later. This is just not acceptable and highlights the knocked together nature of this shoddy title.
    Even for £9.99 I felt this game was poor and almost unplayable. If you dont have Liberty city stories buy that...its far superior to this Lazy, glitching nonsense...did I mention the massive load times???

  5.  Not bad.....but whats new?


    Being a long time Silent Hill fan I was excited to hear of its first incarnation on the psp ( a handheld lite on quality games ) and felt this could be a handsome addition to the psp catalogue.
    However it suffers from being, as do nearly all psp games, a watered down version of a ps2 game with so few new additions and no attempt to fix the problems of the series its made me wonder why bother? why not just port the first ps1 game??
    Yes, its a new story ....but it barely makes sense and I believe that GAME is king and not story but....here goes...Travis, a trucker, sees a little girl in the road and has to brake hard....he gets out of his cab and chases her, why? who cares?! and we are off exploring hospitals, motels, theatres and mental institutes slowly uncovering Travis' own dark past and links to S.H.
    The graphics look nice with the traditional S.H. fog and grainy look but its the sound design that stands out here. It is excellent and is what gives the game most of its atmos as there are few if any actual scares.
    Yet still, years on, we are stuck with the problems the first game had...dodgey camera angles and a very poor combat system where its easier to run off than actually fight and the weapons array is just ridiculous. Weapons break after a couple of uses but you can carry an infinate amount of them so by the end of the game I was carrying at least 30 melee items inc TV's, toasters, swords and sledgehammers etc oh....and 7 guns inc 2 shotguns and an automatic rifle.
    This simple thing made the whole game feel stupid and quite laughable. I mean, why not just give me 3 weapons that dont break?!
    With only about 6-7 hours of gameplay, some nice puzzles and a boring story this is a fairly decent game. Its has its faults but it kept me playing. I just wish they had put some real effort into it and done something new with the series.

  6.  This is THE game for the PSP


    This game is the reason I bought a PSP. Locoroco strips down gaming to what it should be on a handheld and provides a brilliant fun experience with excellent intuitive controls but most of all its pure FUN. Using only the shoulder buttons you tilt the world map and guide your little friends towards their other little friends getting bigger as you go. Thats it! The real challenge comes from trying to find all the roco and there is some great re-play value in trying to beat your own times and score.
    If you own a PSP its a game you should own

  7.  An album of the year!


    After a couple of years away Pig Destroyer returns with a classic album. With fewer tracks than what you may usually find on a P.D. album as they seemed to have cut back on the 30second tracks and attempted structured songs but still retaining that raw, explosive edge.
    More frenetic than Terrifyer but more together than Prowler in the Yard. This album is pure violence.
    Recommeded to any one who likes things a little brutal