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  1.  Bloody Brilliant!


    Fantastic book, laughed all the way through. Once I got into it I couldn't put it down! Would recommend to anyone who loves Michael McIntyre! Would even read again as it's that good!

  2.  excellent!


    so much better than any dancing game i've played before. songs are current and get you moving plus you can use xbox points to buy more songs.

    Only done 'easy' level so far and some of the dances are quite challenging. I've found on dancing games on the Wii that even the hard level is still fairly simple but on the Kinect it makes you actually dance! plus you can learn routines too.

    You must get this game if you own a Kinect and you're up for a laugh!

  3.  Get it!


    Best game on the Wii! If you have a Wii and don't have this game, you're missing out!!

  4.  Fantastic!


    you must buy this book! once i started i couldn't put it down and finished it in a day. each chapter had me wanting to read more. best book i've read in a long time!

  5.  4*


    I read this book after reading 'Johnny Be Good' and thought JBG was better. Lucy in the sky was still a great read but it took me a little bit longer to get into.

    I'd def recommend this book to anyone who loves Sophie Kinsella/Marian Keyes.

    I can't wait to read Chasing Daisy's!

  6.  couldn't put it down!


    great book, got very engrossed from the moment i started reading it. got to chapter 13 and decided i had to finish it that night!

    bit annoyed at the ending because i wanted to read more!

  7.  brilliant!!


    Wasn't so sure about watching this as i've read the book and loved it and didn't want to be let down by the film, but.....

    Isla fisher plays becky bloomwood so well, she's exactly as i imagined her to be, even luke was as i imagined.

    Of course, not everything is exactly as the book but it's as good as.

    I can't wait for this to come out on dvd! One of my favourite films of all time!!!!!

  8. Juno



    24 New from  £2.24  Free delivery

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     2.5 stars


    Ok film, watchable. Not the best. Wouldn't watch again.

    There seemed to be no storyline, also found that it was a bit rushed in places and seemed unrealistic in parts. For example, juno didn't seem phased by the fact she was pregnant at 16, nor did her parents.

    If you want to kill an hour and a half and this is on, give it a watch, otherwise, save your time.

  9.  Buy It!


    Fantastic game, fun for all the family. Me and my boyfriend love playing it (we're both 23), then today my parents came round and they loved it too (they're in their late 40's).

    My favourite are the dancing games, you find you really do work up a sweat!

    If you've liked the other Rayman Wii games, you'll love this....its even better than them and I also gave them 5*

  10.  oh whats occuring!!


    Love it! Loved it on tv but when i watched it again it seemed even better! Agree that this is on a par with friends, i could watch episodes over and over again and if i was ill in bed all day, i'd just stick this in the dvd player and be happy!

    Comedy at its best!!

    Would also like to add that the extras on the boxset are great. You must buy this dvd!!!!