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  1.  Maybe, Just Maybe...


    I have been buying every fifa game for the last few years, and I had no hesitation in trading fifa 10 in for this, and boy did the gamble pay off!

    This game really is what the world cup is all about, and the atmosphere is captured beautifully.

    Gameplay - much the same as fifa 10 really, which is of course superb.

    Online - I'm totally addicted to Battle of the nations online world cup. You play a complete world cup online against other gamers and earn battle of the nations points for your country, the winning nation to be announced after south africa. Just won my 4th cup, great fun.

    Captain your country - offline mode like be a pro but aim for the manager to give you the arm band by controlling only one player earning points for how well you played moving from the B team to the starting 11. There is also a multiplayer mode to this too so you can race your mates for the arm band.

    Road to qualifying - mini game tasks based on real scenarios, ok as a add on to main game.

    Penalties - new method of taking them lets you stutter your run up like that t*sser Ronaldo, and also with a composure meter to time to perfection it takes more skill to score that perfect penalty but it feels a lot more satisfying when it hits the back of the net!

    There is a globe on the main menu that you can just browse and it gives you facts about each country, including how well you have performed against players from that country online - bit sad but its a nice addition.

    And there is the usual one player world cup and qualifying that you may expect and can play as about 200 countries.

    Yes some may qustion buying another fifa game just for a 4 week competition, but I believe it is money very well spent and I love it!

    Oh, and seeing Mr Cappello and other managers up and down the touch line giving instructions to the team is another nice addition, think they did this in the Euro 08 too.

    I may have waffled, but what the hell, great game, Love fifia? Love South Africa 2010.


  2.  Bond fan? DEFINITE. 1st person shooter fan? SHOULD DO


    Basically if your a fan of Bond like me then you'll really enjoy the game. It stays quite true to the two films as can be expected and doesn't go off on too much of a tangent. All the main voices are there, and the likeness is pretty good too.

    If you start comparing it to cod then 007 will come out second best, but the levels are great, aiming is very good, and the online is good fun too.

    Well worth the money. Bond wilL return...

  3.  A Let down!


    I paid 15 quid after waiting for it to come down in price and it was still not worth it. I always thought it'd be ok, a good laugh and something I could just pick up and have a quick game but to be honest its boring. I couldn't wait for it to be completed so I could trade it in - and I only got £4 for it! Graphics not next gen and gameplay awful. Perhaps I was spoilt with playing COD4 but K&L really is disappointing.

    Where is the cool theme music from the trailer??? Far too much swearing it just isn't cool. Good fun multiplayer and a good story line so I was generous with 2 stars. Will probably be better as a movie.

    I wished I saved my money, I'd have rather bought the missus a bunch of flowers . . . . maybe not!

  4.  You'll never get bored of it!


    I agree with a previous review, it DOES make all your other games seem naff. I played this and loved every minute completing it. After completig it I then went back to my other games for a bit...My God there is so much difference in the quality. I now actually dis-like my other games because they just seem so poor in comparison.

    Some people think its short, I dont - I just think it may appear short because you simply dont want it to end! One player superb, Multiplayer excellent, graphics/gameplay/script amazing. You will not get bored of playing this game! Thats why I'm now only playing this again!

    It's already got legend status, not since GoldenEye on N64 has a game made me so happy!

  5.  Medal of Honor with Aliens


    I know there are a lot of great reviews for this game, but for me I have to say it does very little. I have not played all the game, as I simply got bored, but from what I did play it is very samey, not a lot of variety, just going around and shooting aliens that roam the streets of a few English cities. Very basic, dont have to use your brain playing this game, which I suppose is what some people want from a game. Good graphics, and looks a lot like medal of honor but with aliens instead of nazis BUT nowhere near as enjoyable. An early release yes, but expected a lot more. Multilplayer and online better than 1 player though.