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  1.  Expansive fun


    A refreshingly good game where one can fly aeroplanes, helicopters, hovercrafts, motorbikes etc. Grand Theft Auto style game and hours of fun can be expected.

    . Fun to play
    . Huge map makes for brilliantly realistic game
    . Lots of variety in game

    . Graphics look a bit funny sometimes
    . Most DLC (downloadable content) isn't free
    . Missions are quite simliar

    Overall, it's a great game and for 25 quid it's a must buy!

  2.  Magnificent FULL SCREEN AVATAR


    This Blu-ray DVD combi is outstanding. AVATAR sums up the beauty of blu ray in one word. The Blu ray is full screen with immaculate picture qulaity, movement and sound. This is a great buy and a must on your Blu Ray collection.

    . Breathtaking quality of picture and sound
    . Full screen movie makes it more imersive and impressive
    . The movie itself is truly spectacular

    . There are no additional scenes or extras just movie
    . Not in 3D (but most of us don't have 3D ready TV's)
    . Shame there isn't more!

    All in all if you want to keep the memory of AVATAR possibly the greatest film ever made then this is your chance to watch in pristine HD quality and with a bag of popcorn you're set for a great evening!

  3.  Uninspiring


    This game has got to be one of the worst games I've played on PSP and i'm supposed to love Harry Potter. The gameplay is extremely dull and nothing special. The levels are frustrating and take a lot of time and running up the stairs makes you dizzy.

    . Graphics are pretty good
    . The storyline is nice

    . Dull to play
    . Running up the stairs made me dizzy
    . Not interactive or immersive

    For anyone wanting to but this game I wouldn't because quite frankly its appalling.

  4.  Fun, fun fun...


    This game is one of the best games of the Wii at the moment. It has 12 fun sports to play including basketball and skydiving; my personal favourites. Each game is individual and fun and this will supply you with hours of fun.

    . Inclusive Wii-motion plus
    . Simple to play and enjoyable
    . Good use of new remote tech

    . Some sports like wakeboarding aren't quite at par with the rest of the sports.
    . Motion plus is not hugely noticeable
    . Collabaration is required freqeuntly by placing remote on flat surface.

    So whether you've got 5 mins or 5 hours this game will not dissappoint- a good addition to your Wii collection.

  5.  Great graphics but...


    There is one word to describe this game; GRAPHICS. They are absolutely outstanding with crash replays which are impressive. However there is one big issue for me with anyone wanting to buy this racing game; it's really hard. The controlling is difficult for an amateur like me and crashing becomes tedious. If this game was easier I would give it 5 stars but for a tenner its a deal.

    . Fantastic graphics
    . Cool crash replays
    . Good choice of tracks

    . Difficult for a beginner
    . No split-screen 2 player mode
    . No free-roam mode (like in Burnout Paradise)

  6.  A must buy for your PS3 collection...


    This game is truly the epitomy of gaming; its fun, immersive, never-ending and versatile. Firstly the fun: LBP has the coolest control system which includes waving arms using the analogues and slapping other players using the analagues. You can customise your character endlessly with unlocking new materials and clothes. Its immersive with all sorts of levels from around the world with new levels being added daily. That's the reason it is never-ending the online levels are great fun especially if you get a mate to play along with.

    . Brilliant online mode (search mode)
    . Versatile Adventure game
    . Good gameplay and soundtracks

    . Can seem a little childish at times
    . Some online levels are a waste of time
    . Cannot think of a third con!

    If you still don't get this game you're losing out so hurry up and press buy!

  7.  A class below the movie...


    AVATAR, the most anticipated movie of the year, the focus of the OSCARS/BAFTAS but the game is not at par. The PSP version has beautiful scenery and graphics but is let down due to the boring gameplay. You have to follow the path of lights and gain health as you collects the lights and kill the human bodyguards as you go along. Not the greatest film game ever made and not the worst.

    . Completely new story
    . Immersive Graphics
    . Fun using bow

    . Gets quite dull
    . Not nearly as good as flim
    . Can't choose which side to be on i.e Na'vi or human.

  8.  Inshaal A


    For all racing and cruising lovers this is truly paradise. There are 75 awesome cars to unlock including brilliant dlc (downloadable content) that isn't going to rob your wallet. This gets 5 stars due to its awesome handling which is easy for beginners and sparkling graphics.

    . Brilliant Online game to play with mates or online with strangers
    . Amazing graphics
    . Free roaming is fun
    . Expansive scenery and weather changes so that you don't get bored.

    . party mode is limited and two remotes can't be used together

    So if any of you are still in doubt don't be because this is a must buy for the PS3 and for 15 quid you can't argue!