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  1.  If its not broken why fix it?


    If you love COD then you will like this, simply because it does what it says on the tin, no one buys this for single player mode.
    It's all about the multiplayer which is still very good after all these years, to be honest I had enough of the RC cars on black ops!haha
    Some people compare this to battelefield but they are 2 different games, COD is something you can just get into straight away but battlefield takes time and is more tactically based as you can't just go in all guns blazing which a lot of people like doing, I have both BF3 and MW3 but prefer MW3 as I can get on there with all my mates and have a laugh without taking it too seriously as I have found some people are on BF3.
    I love this game, and say you shouldn't listen to the negative reviews and just try it out :)

  2.  Mustard!


    I don't know how any one can complain about this game, it took all the best features out of the first game and rolled it into this one and improved on it.
    This game is awesome, and Gotham is huge and you can go wherever you want, there are plenty of side missions that will keep you busy, the graphics and the acting by the characters are faultless, I have played this game for hours and still not even dented it.
    overall well worth a play if you like strategy mixed with violence then this is the game for you!

  3.  Very good


    I bought these instead of turtle Beach ones and I have to say for the price I am very surprised, the sound quality is very good, and the mic is very clear.
    If like me you don't think spending alot on a headset is viable then go for these, they are sturdy and comfortable and easy to set up.
    The only thing you will need is an AV adaptor if you are using them for the xbox but they are very cheap.
    Only downside is that your ears can get quite warm but they are awesome for the price *****

  4.  It's in the game...


    The FIFA series is still the best football you can get, a few features that differ from FIFA 10.

    This is a well polished well oiled machine that we keep you occupied for hours.

    This is a must for any football fans!

  5.  after all the hype...I was left a little disapointed


    I bought this game on launch day not because I wanted it so much more to the fact I wanted a stop gap before black ops came out, to be fair its not a totally disapointing game, The story line is by far one of the best in a FPS as it is based on actual events.....but again like most other games it is just way too short and I went through it on the hardest setting in record time, just too easy.
    The online play again I was let down as it was the exact same as battlefield 2, which is good but been there done that and it gets old quickly..because of one thing snipers.....I like using a sniper rifle but on this game it is redonkulas! you can't run anywhere without getting picked off!
    I am a massive COD fan and this falls short, as it's all about online play these days and COD has got it down to a treat!
    These games can't go on the story mode alone because lets face it you will only go through a game a couple of times on a medium setting then a harder one then thats it!

    Thats just what I think of it, some minor tweaks and this game would be fantastic!

    My opinion is this game might have been rushed to come out before COD!

    Story mode 9/10
    Graphics 7/10
    Online 5/10

    I have since traded this in as playing it abit more it is very poor online you get shot from campers sitting in about every corner of the map, I am not comparing this to COD but your money will be better spent on that instead!

  6.  Pleasantly surprised!


    This sort of game really isn't my thing but I ended up hooked on this game from beginning to end!

    I think it is a seriously under rated title that deserve to have won the amount of awards it did, the graphics are awesome, the game it self is well thought out and is like a movie!

    Gone are the days where all super hero titles are light and fluffy with no substance...this game sets the bar!

    It's dark and very clever well worth it at the price you can get it for.

    If you enjoy a hack and slash type game then this is right up your alley as the fights are brilliant as you can do all sorts of different combos, I normally only play shooters or FIFA!

    I will be getting the other one with no hesitation what's so ever!

    This game = WIN

  7.  sub par


    I bought this and was not impressed to be fair it was a few years ago when I just started on xbox live and didn't know that the quality of a headset matters when you are talking to friends.

    You do get what you pay for though...something that is not very good for not alot of money.

    I would recommend this for a short term fix as it just won't last the long haul, it simply just falls apart during general wear and tear.

    I bought a Motorola X205 which you can get for a little as for a few extra quid and it is sturdy and the sound quality is so much better though it is abit bulky but like most people I have a few headsets that I rotate!

    So If you can afford it I would get something different, just because it's cheap does not mean it's good!

  8.  went the full 12 rounds!


    Some people say that they do not like using the new system for fighting, you can actually change it but not while in training.

    I was the same and didn't like the new system but you do get used to it and I ended up liking it, so now I use the new system for training and the buttons for the fights.

    The game is good and will keep you entertained knocking everyone out that steps in the ring!

    well worth it if you can get it cheap!

  9.  Lacked the killer instinct.....


    I bought this game a while back and am still torn to whether I like it or not, graphics are good but I feel they could have put some better characters in, the MK side of things is good with the heavyweights of the game its the DC part that annoys me.....who wants to be lex luther??I think it is a novel idea but just lacked something that will keep you wanting to play more.

    Single player just get's boring, this is def a game that you play with mates with a few beers.

    The death moves could be abit more simple to execute and more gory, seems over the years they have got abit more tame and less inventive.

    If you are a big fan of this sort of game then you might like it but I got bored quickly!

  10.  Still good all these years later!


    I know this game has been out for a while now, and this was the first racing game I got on the 360 & the first game I played on xbox live that was over 5 years ago now!

    I am writing this because I put this on the other day in a couple of years and it is still just as good as I remember, by far beats all other Burnout games, Paradise was a disappointment in my eyes as it didn't improve on what was already awesome in this game!

    So if you are thinking of buying this then now it is a bargain, I trade in most of my games but have never this one as it is too good to get rid of!

    SIngle player is good and keeps things fresh and online play is so addictive and will keep you occupied for hours!