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  1.  hhmmmmmm.


    I went into playing Ascension with a lot of high expectations. While it is fair to say that many of those expectations were met (graphics, gameplay, combat system), there was also that hmmmmm element to it, as in hhmmmm, isn't this getting a little too same old, same old? I also thought that for a GoW title, the game was also very short. Don't get me wrong, as a huge franchise fan, for what Ascension delivers, it is a good game. Just not quite very good. A slight disappointment, though still well worth buying. I think it suffers from GoW 3 being so phenomenal, and players wondering where do you go from there and how do you top that? In all, if you're a fan, buy it, if you just want to give it a try, I'd rent it first then make an informed choice.

  2.  quietly addictive


    I bought this game a while ago, and for various reasons, never quite got around to playing it. My loss - this is a great game. I wasn't sure about it at first, but got gradually drawn into Heller's world. A good storyline, impressive graphics, excellent gameplay and combat system. It has numerous interesting side-challenges that are a good distraction if you're just looking for a quick ten minutes playing time.
    All in all, my only negative about Prototype 2 is that I didn't get around to playing it as soon as I had bought it. As I said in the review title - quietly addictive. Highly recommend it.

  3.  fantastic


    I really like this game. It is what it is, a middle to top of the range RPG shooter that is ideal for a novice on the easier settings and enough of a challenge for more experienced players on the harder settings. Great visually, and a fairly engrossing storyline. This game is very reminiscent of the earlier Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VII in particular (PSOne). Similar gameplay, though more open world in delivery during fight sequences. Suitably believable for an imagined 2080 Japan, with competent bosses throughout the game. My only criticism is that toward the end of the game, the cannon fodder drones etc, do get a bit samey, but overall, a great experience for beginners and experienced players alike.

  4.  Underwhelming and highly disappointing.


    I have to say, as a huge fan of the franchise, I so wanted to love this game. Initial promo shots and trailers looked extremely impressive, and gave rise to the hope that finally a decent trek game had arrived on a console.
    Unfortunately, the game is far less impressive upon playing. It's simply a second rate shooter with the occasional minor puzzle that has had a couple of key figures from the new film series roped in, along with other members of the crew providing the occasional voice-over.
    The game itself is stilted and very glitchy, the gameplay repetitive and, to be honest, very quickly becomes boring.
    I can only say that amongst a raft of great titles released around the same time such as the phenomenal Tomb Raider and God of War Ascension, Star Trek (and it kills me to type this) fails utterly, and is an incredibley underwhelming gaming experience. I find myself about halfway through the game, and wondering if it's actually worth finishing.
    Gutted and severely disappointed. The 2 stars are mostly out of loyalty as a trek fan, but in honesty, to my mind it barely deserves one.