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  1.  Great for this price(under £20)


    I was just browsing through the head sets looking for some new wireless ones when i came across the 2 star rating on this head set and had to put my review in.

    I've had this head set 2 years and never had no faults with it whatsoever but i've never thrown it about so proably why its never broke so i cant understand the one and 2 star ratings. I would recommend this head set as long as you dont mind the wire going from the TV to your ears.

  2.  Carrey's great in this


    I'm not a big Carrey fan but in this he's fantastic,they really did cast the right person for the role,he's just nuts in it.
    Emily Browning and Liam Aiken also put in a fine performance in this surreal and very watchable fairytale. Me,the missuss and kids all watched and enjoyed.

  3.  Ok for a twenty year old film


    Watched this yesterday having not seen it for years. The acting is not great,sean connery's irish accent keeps coming and going but he somehow steals the show.
    The 15 certificate doesn't seem appropriate as its not really violent.
    I enjoyed it and would watch again in future though i don't know how factual it is.

  4.  Same old same old = pure quality


    You dont need telling you need this season if you're a fan of the simpsons.
    You just cant go wrong,keeps kids entertained and there's plenty of humour for the grown ups that goes waaayyyyy over the top of the kids heads,love it.
    Like the other frustrated reviewers though why take so long to release seasons.

  5.  Rhubarb


    Great concept,rubbish film.
    Can't remember seeing a film with this idea of the 'would you ,wouldn't you' but everything lets it down. There's so much stuff that doesn't get answered its just plain frustrating and things that happen so that when the film finishes you ask yourself "so what did that bit have to do with the story then"
    Maybe it just wasn't my type of film because i've seen customer reviews on this page liken it to Donnie Darko and i thought that film was Rhubarb too.
    One good point in the film is 'the box owner's' facial injury,its great how they've done it,but other than that avoid this film.

  6. SAW


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £58.95  Free delivery



    After reading the reviews on this site i decided to get this game and after finishing it today am quite disappointed. The so called puzzles are just repeated over and over again,circuit boards and gas pipe connecting,there's just 6 main (like end of chapter) puzzles that are different.
    The combat system is just rubbish,very slow and clumbsy but yet the game is easy so i suppose it doesn't become a problem.
    The achievements are very easy if you're into doing them although some are just plain stupid- e.g. Stand still for five minutes!!!! yes you just dont move your character for five minutes.
    With no multiplayer and no reason (no achievement thingy) for doing the game on a harder level (there's 2 levels,Normal and Insane,i did insane its not insane!) there's absolutley no replayability.
    I managed to get this new for less than eighteen pounds,definetly not worth more than twenty.

  7.  Fantastic animation


    Watched this twice now but still think there's bits of the story missed out,quite a few unexplained or unanswered questions for me and the ending is not fantatsic hence 4 out of 5.But the animation is outstanding and the characters are great,well worth owning a copy.

  8.  Like exploring?


    If the answer is yes then this is the game for you. The missuss got me this when it first came out and even now i still go back to it now and again and go for a run around the wasteland,the game is great and its one that i would have never thought about buying as i wasn't into the whole RPG thing and at 15 quid its a steal.
    The game doesn't start till you get out into the wasteland so dont be put off for the first bit in the vault and think its rubbish and give up on it like i nearly did,there's a lot of effort gone into making this game and it shines through when you play.
    With good DLC and easy achievements if your into getting them,then its a must buy.

  9.  Expensive, but does the job


    Works well,got mine in the loft and got full 4 bar connection status and my router's 2 floors down,pricey though hence the 4 out of 5.

  10.  Multi-player problems let it down


    Great sequel,don't think its got the surprise element of the first bioshock but simply if you liked bioshock then you're gonna like bioshock 2.
    The multiplayer seems very 'arcadey' and isn't very smooth and freezes quite often (this is common from looking at the xbox forums) and there's lag issues too but all will be sorted out eventually i guess. I'll keep hold of the game for the shelf but i don't don't think i'll be returning to the multiplayer after i've reached rank 40 (takes at most 2 weeks). Oh and its easy for achievements.