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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     The best Fifa yet, but...


    If you don't play as the top teams, or the "media darlings" such as; Braca' Man U, West Ham ect. Then you end up with very little effort on players looks and under-rated players.

    I support and play as Bolton, not one of our players has been made to look as realistic as the bigger or "darling" clubs. An example of this would be Gary Cahill and Matty Upson. Both England CB's, both key players at their club, yet only one actually looks like a real player, not just a run of the mill player.

    That said the gameplay is a lot better, and you actually get realistic score lines. It is a bit slow however, it's difficult to beat people with pace, and if you get a really nice flowing passing move going in the opponents half where they would, in real life be all over the place, just seem to be able to "catch up" with play as it moves slow.

    It's much much better then Pes, I recommend it, but it's time for them to actually start putting some effort in to the smaller clubs.

  2.  A Good Game


    I seriously cant understand why this game has sparked the kind of response that it has. I would of given it 3.5 stars and it would be worthy of that. The only way i can describe it is just a good game.

    -Wepons have a real satisfying feeling when you shoot them, i know it sounds odd, but when you shoot an M4 that sounds wrong it really puts me off.
    -The graphics are very good. I dont get those who have said they are poor. They arent breathtaking, however, you do get some pretty good views.
    -Terminators are hard to kill. Why are people complaining about having to flank them, i think it adds realism to it. And yes if you try to flank them, some times they will follow you meaning you cant shoot them, however it then produces another challenge of helping your team get the shot on them,
    -Tophies are good. I dont care about them to be honest, but a gold per mission was quite satifying.
    -Its a game that very good to play on if you just want to relax. Say if you cant be bothered with another shooter/adventure. This game is very easy to just pick up and melo out.

    -Very short. I did this in 4 hours.
    -Straight foward story.
    -Only 3 types of machines to kill. This was very disapointing.
    -Limited guns. M4, Shotgun, LMG. Thats it bar some explosive wepons, i.e grenade, C4, RPG and thumper.
    -Voice overs. It would of been nice to have Bale's voice but i can live without it. The worst thing is you go through some parts of the game where everyones voice has a long echo on it. It gets annoying quickly.

    All the cons are fairly minor, and if you are looking for a good, not brilliant, not bad, shooter then this is the one. It's cheap, it';s relaxed, and it's satisfying to play.

  3.  Now the best animated show on TV.


    As a fan of Southpark, Family Guy, Futurama and American Dad, and having every series of each on DVD, i can now say with some confidence that American Dad tops them all.

    I never used to be able to decide which show i liked best however, American Dad has really out done it self this series.

    The characters have really come in to their own, Stan is so much more funny this season, he's more moronic and is more pig headed making for some excellent situations. Roger is getting out the house even more and as a result can be catty to more then just the Smith's, giving some really good laugh out load moments. And the rest have all improved significantly since the start.

    A absolute steal for the price, and supplies hours of laughter and brilliant one liners. Plus a very good James Bond style episode, Tear Jerker, brilliant.
    Cant wait for volume 5.

  4.  Best film i watched all year


    Bought this because i had wanted to see it for a while, and at five quid, I thought why not, thank god i did. Without question, the best film i have watched all year.
    Very well written. There is bits to make you laugh, bits to feed the action freak in you, and bits capable of making you cry. Clint acts in this role very well, and is a must buy for a fiver.