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  1. Cal



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    as a follow up to the brilliant shank this film was a huge disappointment. weak storyline and poor wooden acting

  2.  interesting


    a collection of short stories by different writers in a range of different scenarios. funny sad and moving. stories to appeal to all tastes

  3.  brilliant


    well written, well casted very funny and down to earth. blunt honesty from the teachers which makes it extremely funny.
    there is not much good comedy drama sitcoms about on tv these days but this is definitely worth watching

  4.  brotherly bonds


    the journey of the two brothers the strength of their love and the rivalary and competiveness that becomes apparent. the film does not go deep enough to give answers to the issues they have with each other and the ending is quite disappointing

  5.  brilliant


    fascinating insight into the life of J.EDGAR Hoover and the creation of the FBI and crime solving techniques and his ways of keeping those in power on his side.
    how credit much was he actually due to him and how much did others contribute but didn't the glory? how many facts were distorted to put Hoover in a good light with the public perception of him?
    was he obsessed by his power?

    a very good insight into his life although how much is based on actual fact and how much has been dramatized for the screen remains a question

  6.  history of chocolate


    a fascinating insight into the history of all the chocolate makers and who and how the chocolate bar that we take so much for granted came about.
    the families and their ideals behind cadburys, frys, rowntree etc and their struggles during the early years to establish a quality product that would appeal to the consumers
    a very good informative read

  7.  love in tel aviv


    the life and loves of 3 friends in tel aviv and their sexual exploits aswell as the cultural divide caused by the war around them. does love break down the barriers or is family honour more important?

  8.  good read


    interesting emotional insight into the life of a soldier and his personal struggles through his army life his family life and his personal life. a very good read giving a look into the day to day life of a soldier

  9.  brilliant


    well made film focusing on a inmate in a detention centre and his struggle to keep his emotions and anger under control in a difficult environment. his love for his younger brother puts this to the test

  10.  not as expected


    a bit disappointed expected more in the way of storyline and dialogue was a bit hard to follow. didn't really focus on his struggle to become a successful comedian so left a bit puzzled