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  1.  Short but definately sweet


    Of all the Stalker titles I found this to be a more satisfying experience.

    A distinct lack of bugs and bugged missions (although I did encounter one) and less loading contributed to a more fluid and rewarding gaming experience. The atmosphere and urgency of 'Shadow of Chernobyl' was back and the nervous navigating around endless irradiated water in 'Clear Sky' was gone, all good in my book. 3 main maps and ONLY 1 loading time going map to map was an absolute plus too.

    The gameplay is very much similar to the previous titles but minus the niggly bits of Clear Sky (which strangely is still my fave). I only say that, as Call of Pripyat was a disappointingly shorter experience than the others, regardless of its plus points, hence the 4 star rating.

    But less of the bad points. This title is revamped with new maps and in keeping with the Stalker trademark atmospherically bland GFX and sound FX. There's the usual traders always ready to help a stalker out (at cost), the usual beasts always looking to take a bite out of you or mentally disrupt you and a few more to startle you when you cross their paths. There's no faction wars, which lead to overly treading carefully in Clear Sky. Weapons, health & artifacts systems have been greatly improved. The need to look after yourself and your weapons was heavily leaned on again after taking a back seat in Clear Sky, for some reason.

    I do feel this title is overly short but regardless of that, it has numerous gameplay options and good replay value. The first 2 maps are rich with main missions and side missions but the Pripyat map itself is startlingly bland. A good deal of buildings and architecture but only a small percentage completely accessible.

    Definately one for Stalker fans and someone looking to play a good atmospheric and balanced RPG shooter.

    I personally do think another final title should be due from GSC detailing proper faction struggles implementing multiplayer and co-op player options as well as rewarding main and side missions. Factions wars were under-implemented and under used in Clear Sky.

    But my final verdict is another atmospheric, RPG shooter experience which was majorly bug free.. just a little short

  2.  The BEST PC game I have ever played!!


    I say the BEST PC game in reference to DX1 as DX2 was dumbed-down for the console market unfortunately but still was an ok game to play.

    Back to the original DX1 tho.. It was recommended to me by my bro who said I should get it, so without any knowledge of what type of game it was other than 'cyber-punkish RPG shooter' I bought it and played it over a few months and garnered 65 hrs of play from it 1st time around and 42hrs 2nd time. I'm still in the middle of a 3rd replay.

    On the amount of time spent playing the game I can wholeheartedly recommend it on value for money alone but the best is to come. This game was the most immersive game I have ever played with good GFX (dated by todays standards) but when you play the game somehow the dated GFX don't matter. The atmospheric music and sound effects shrouded you in the DX game world.

    Now the game itself is where the strength of DX lies. You can play it as an all out shooter (but will encounter difficulties), play stealthly or a combo or both but all along you pick up skill/XP points to spend on weapons and upgrades suited to however you have chosen to play. There are so many missions within the game and it has side missions which do matter to your progress rather than just 'tacked on' extras.

    As for DX2, it was an ok game but too much loading and dumbed-down elements to fit within the constrictions of consoles. Sure its GFX are nice n shiny but have very little substance compared to the original DX1.

    Take it from us all tho, if you're looking for a good, original, one of a kind, cyberpunk, sandbox-ish, RPG-FPS...

    THIS IS IT!!!!

    And at this price its less than the price of a pint n pizza (for the adults out there)

  3.  Bronson - In a very un-Bronson way


    An interesting film to say the least. Very good performance from Tom Hardy but the film just lacked something. It's almost a comedic parody of the man himself and a criminologists evaluation of the 'real' Charles Bronson, who's just read the newspapers and looked at the man's artwork and been thrown together from there. Could have been so much better without the 'Bronson on the stage' parts but I guess that's what adds a little surrealness to the whole performance. On the whole not too bad but could have been so much better. Comparing this to Chopper, I think Chopper beats this hands down...

  4.  My 1st real fun experience of GTA


    I bought this n played it for a good 3-4 months enjoying the time on it compared to some 10-15 hrs on some games. One of the most playable in the whole series with total freedom. The 90s setting is reflected well in the game and it clicked and made total sense whilst I was screaming down the motorway (freeway) on an NRG 900 listening to Radio X Stone Temple Pilots - Plush.. I was having the time of my life.. Even tho its been long completed, i still return every once in a while to do the side missions. Taking a trip to the gym, getting a massive afro, doing all the girlfriend missions.. its all still fun and the vehicle physics for its time were sweet, doing handbrake turns to mow down rival gang members are still memorable.. the only downer for me was the flying training which left me feeling annoyed at times but they had to be done... afterwards tho, u realised u had more than a few more strings to ur bow for the flying training.. Overall, my 1st real fun experience of the GTA series.. Go all the way with Denise (100%) and get a pimp suit (the ultimate in street wear - better than anything Jizzy B has). Also steal a tractor n tow away Denise's car to do some sweet drivebys...

  5.  A good old 80's GTA-fest


    I remember seeing this a long time ago when a friend had it.. I wasn't really interested in the game at the time but was more interested in the pure quality 80's music-fest, an often overlooked diamond of this game. I bought it a while back to enjoy bombing around on a scooter delivering pizzas while listening to 'Crockett's Theme' only to find my sweet fast XP machine refused to run it without a few problems.. I managed to get thru a few missions but the issues of it running overshadowed my enjoyment... So if ur running a new machine, be aware there may be a few problems with it running, It appears to run fine on Pentium 4 and lower machines without problems but if running a dual-core or quad-core machine, run the game on a single core... Info on this can be found thru a search engine... I had probs with GTA: San Andreas but not as many as Vice City.. Still a good game tho

  6.  Dubious Release


    Wish i could pass jusdgement on this game but everytime i try to run it on my upper-mid quality pc all i get is the...

    Blue screen of death :-s

    Everytime it gets to the loading screen on the desktop and thats it. I've upgraded every main driver, going so far to use beta drivers and still no luck..

    I shall not be beaten tho.

    I shall join the rest of the stalkers..... Someday

  7.  Cynicism with a smile!!!!


    The 80's..

    A bleak decade for many with the Miner's Strike, Thatcher at her best and worst, the decade fashion forgot AND The Smith's....

    ....A band I hated with conviction when they popped up on Top Of The Pops spoiling the glossy uber-production pop of the 80's. For the child ears on me this was the dregs of music with it's miserable singer 'Morrissey' and his motley crew of misery spreaders...

    Fast-forward 10 years (my late teens/early 20's) and I finally see the bigger picture. This music is fabulous!!!! Kitchen-sink pop, chronicling the depressive nature of the 80's with it's rich musical cynicism.

    Girlfriend In A Coma, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out!!!!!

    Absolute classics!!!!!