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  1.  An Exception Effort...


    You know... I'd heard of Ludovico Einaudi a few times on Classic FM, so to finally pick this up some time earlier this year was an absolute gem and was hardly out of my CD player that first couple of weeks due to the exceptional recording quality.

    For me I could start naming favourite tracks but then I'd quite honestly struggle to pick one because they are all so well constructed and personally I find it the ideal CD to put on if I've had a stressful day and want to unwind.

    Pick this up, you WON'T be disappointed if you like classical music led by an effervescent pianist!

  2.  Excellent film!


    This is an under-rated film and I for one, hope to goodness Hollow-wood don't get their grubby mits on this to remake it as it's truly a wonder to behold... some well stylised stunts and good acting from the lead role mean that, though some ideas are not exactly new (slo-mo bullet-time etc), they are that well pulled off, it deserves to stand on it's own merit!

    If you've seen the Russian films "Night/Day Watch" then this is another little gem to add to the collection as it's style AND substance, not like some of the more recent remakes from the big studios!

  3.  Green Lantern Rocks!!!


    I was thoroughly impressed with this movie and thought Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job bringing Green Lantern to life.

    This was brought to life very impressively (unlike some other Hollywood efforts of late) and I can imagine that the 3d version must've rocked so much at the cinema, but the 2d version didn't stem my enjoyment one bit!

    Another comic book success for me!

  4.  A great value headset if found for the right price!


    I got this headset when play were selling it for ten quid and considering that another reputable retailer had the cheek to charge twenty five for the same model (I'll leave you to guess who THAT was!), I thought it was an absolute steal not to be missed out on!

    Was I wrong?

    One word... NO!!!

    There is crystal quality audio from people you're chatting/fighting against and there is rapid recognition when you're speaking and as I'd been in the market for a long time for a headset at the right price, I'm so glad I picked this one up as it was a great bargain!

    The device is super-lightweight too, meaning that you can wear it and it's so light it's barely noticeable over prolonged periods, perfect for allowing you to concentrate on fragging your mates!

    The only flaw I've found is the lack of a battery indicator (either on the device or the PS3's integration menu), as other reviewers have mentioned, but find that playing a single player game allows me to plug in the headset for charging when not in use (though don't expect to wear it whilst it's charging as the cable's way too short!).

    Instead you're left to rely on a tri-colour LED, deep blue when it's powered on, I think, a lighter blue changing to green when it's put on charge.

    The setup instructions are faultless and easy to follow leaving you setting your headset up in no time (first thing I did was to have fun with the 'voice-changer' you can apply to your voice, making it octaves lower or higher than your normal frequency!), so if you can get it for the right price, then go for it, you won't regret it!

    It does have an initial 3-hr charge requisite so don't expect to use it as soon as you get it, but once it's charged you're away!

    If I were super critical I'd mark it down because of the lack of battery indicator (but I can't mark it down for that because of the comfort, ease of use and ease of setup negate that!).

    Regular care taken when charging (ie, remember how long you've used it for and charge it when not on multiplayer!) makes this an absolute steal if you can get it for a good price! TOP MARKS!!!

  5.  Heavy Rain is awash with quality!


    Well, I spotted this game demo on PSN on Tuesday, Heavy Rain, I'd heard next to nothing about it as I'd purposely avoided all the reviews because I wanted this to be a nice surprise.

    When I played the game I was instantly drawn into the first character... an asthmatic P.D. and it was here that I was introduced to the controls not too dissimilar to those found in Silent Hill and Resident Evil 5... at this point I was blown away because the controls are superbly intuitive and the action you take on the controller has been designed to attempt to match up with what your character is doing on screen.... character facing a door? Flick the analogue stick in the direction of the door and he interacts with it!

    The second character was Jayden the FBI agent and what fun I had with his hi-tech glasses and glove analysing a crime scene of the latest victim of the Origami Killer (what this game soon becomes all about!) and again I found the controls intuitive and whilst there were moments where the controls can be brutal and you have to hit them quick (play the motel fight sequence of the first character and tell me otherwise!) to give your character the upper hand, I also found them relevant to what was happening on screen, so if a particular direction of movement was needed then that is the direction you would be prompted into heading in!

    On this basis alone I could have pre-ordered the game... but oh no... I found the fact that you had different conversation options and the hypnotically rotating face buttons around your character offered you different methods of proceeding a welcome addition to a genre that's not exactly that new (come on, how many crime-solving based games are there out there?),

    The icing on the cake is the fact that you can actually pull a trigger to hear what your character is thinking, which i found really helpful if you get stuck as it shows his perspective on what he's just witnessed, making you feel like you're controlling a better interpretation of a digital "person" than most other games (and not your generic characters you couldn't really care less about!).

    So consequently, I ordered this on the Wednesday, and it arrive through the door on Saturday!

    I cannot recommend this highly enough and the fact that it struck such a chord with me based solely on the demo I'd played gave me great hope for this developer's future projects!