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Product Reviews

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  1.  Simply...


    .... Awesome graphics, awesome soundtrack and awesome gameplay.
    I'm hooked....

  2.  Chuck Norris....


    ....Sleeps with a pillow under his gun


  3.  As expected...


    ...It's great!
    Been playing for around 3hrs now and i cant get enough.
    The Graphics, as mentioned by others, are awesome and the free roam is a refreshing addition to the FPS genre. The first time i visited the oasis in game, i was blown away, it all looks so beautiful. Well done Ubisoft. Even if you didnt like the first game, and i cant see how you didnt, this should be at the top of your gaming list!

  4.  Right...


    First off, the controls are a little bit tricky, but once you play for a little while you get the hang of the combo's. But then after that, there isnt really much else to it...
    The combat does begin to get a tiny bit repetitive, but the games saving grace is the character customisation and storyline. All in all, worth a play, although maybe wait for it to come down in price first :p

  5.  Hmm


    Not very "Next Generation"
    I am a little dissapointed with the graphics
    It wouldnt be so bad if it was only that but the gameplay hasnt really improved from the first one either!
    For all the extra time they took, looks like they put very little extra effort in...
    Still, worth a play i guess...



    ....Can't stop playing!!! Only played this the other day at a mates house, 5minutes in and i asked to borrow it! Very addictive. I will definatly buy my own copy.

  7.  WOW


    What an absolute blinder of an album!
    Cant wait to see them perform this one live!

  8.  This game IS A JOKE....


    PLayed the demo, dont intend to buy the game, truely awful..
    I have seen better PS2 and xbox games.
    It is a laughable attempt at a 'game' considering some of the current titles available already.
    Avoid like the plague.

  9.  Was it made in a week?!?!


    This games is absolutely god awful. Compared to the likes of
    Call of Duty 4 and other such games it just doesnt stand up. There are glitches EVERYWHERE, including enemy guns floating in mid air, the loading screens run into the game, Poor A.I. and what really wound me up was the mark left behind after killing one of those fire brutes....
    the burnt out tarmac, which like the guns, was also floating. All i can say is, thank god i only paid £20 for this game, i can assure you i will be trading it in promptly.

  10.  I have to agree...


    ...with Gundown. Compared to their previous albums, this just doesnt shine. Dont get me wrong, i'm a massive Foo's fan, got all their albums and seen them live 3 times (including Hyde Park, Which ROCKED!!!) but in my opinion the only song that stands out on this album is The Pretender. I suggest listening to that that putting it back in the case and replacing it with There is Nothing Left to Lose.