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  1.  fast action shooter


    I was a little apprehensive when i bought this as it is a team game and run on Steam. After a week I have enjoyed its fast action and uniqueness of each game that you get from real players and the way mobs are scripted. The games been out a while now but I had no problems finding servers. If you have L4D original then you might not want it as it is exactly the same maps with a few extra bits.

  2.  Excellent


    There are a few Bugs in it and the play areas are very one dimensional but the the story line offers some choices and characters that make up for it. It crashed a lot on my PC but that may be as its a WIN 7 64bit and the game was not designed with this tech in mind.

  3.  Real Bargain


    Both games are truly excellent but make a strange pair as they are completyly differant , the only thing in common, is they both have atmospher and will suck hours of your life away from you.

  4.  Unforfulled potential


    This game as pretty good units and battle grounds graphics, but i found it frustrating trying to command the units from ground level. You are unable to get a birds eye view and give orders to the units. This is not so much of a problem at the start but the battle fields get bigger with more units involved. I found it tedious and too repetative having to move to each unit to reposition camera angle every time they need a move or attack order. I also found the over all starergy aspect in choosing where to attack pointless as you only coomand one unit and can not control the startergy to conquer the opposotion.

  5.  Excellent


    I have had this since it was 1st released and still enjoy playing it from time to time now. There are many diffent statergies you can use on and off the battle field, and yo can play as any of the historical factions of Crusades era. This gives the game great entertainment value and provides different levels of challenge as ecah faction has pros and cons.

  6.  Bad design on city revolts


    I am a big fan of the total war games and think the origunal was a master peice when it was 1st released but this expansion does not do it justice. The historical detail is very goods as stated in over reviews but the game plays has serious problems. The problems is when you comquer a city that has a bifferent religeon to yours it cua4es unrest. This is resonable but its not correctly ballanced. Eg. i captured Alexandria which you get a loyalty bonus from the pyramids for Egyptian citys, but even with a full health 20 slot army and a high renking general it still rebels having a Zero contentment score even tho i exterminated the population. When it revolts it is populated with 20 slot srong army of its previous owner. Not only did they have a massive army hiding in there cellers but the army is equiped with silver and gold weapons even tho the city didnt have a blacksmith never mind an foundry. Not to be diterred i retake the city and exterminate the population again and still zero contentment this cycle goes on untill its city ruble little more then a hovel or your army becomes too weak to conquer it.

  7.  Quality


    This is as other have stated an excellent game a really superb continuation of the morrowind world. its a huge game that will take hours to complete even if u just follow the main plot and ignore the many side quest. You get to choose what type of person you wanna be cold blooded assasin or righteous mage or even both . There are 2 offcial expansion and loads mods too enhance or expand the game. I look forward to elder scrols v



    This was a great game when it 1st came out but had many faults. There are now a hundreds of mods that fix the faults and enhance the grphics and some that make it a completly different experince. Its well woth the price and the time to find the MODs. I wish they would make more games in this style (less bugs tho).

  9.  Nice storyline


    It a good game with a good storyline but still freedom to rome and explore the world one of the best i have played in a while