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  1.  Not as good as LOTR but enjoyable Fantasy


    The Hobbit may not be up to the standards of Fellowship or Two Towers but this film is a grand, fun, fantasy film. Fans of the novel will be pleased by this loyal adaptation. There are a few too many characters and the first half takes a bit of time to get going. Still this is very well acted, brilliantly executed and thunderously entertaining.

  2.  Tim Burton's best in years!


    I for one have never really considered Tim Burton to have been on a career slump but many have. The bushy haired gothic director certainly has his critics! Still it must be said that his earlier films are his best (Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Beetlejuice) but with Frankenweenie, Burton returns to masterful filmmaking. A black and white stop-motion animated remake of his own short film, Frankenweenie is a beautiful story of a bond between boy and dog. The film is an exceptional homage to the classic universal Horror films of the 1930s and Horror in general. Yet, even in the films darkest moments, this is brilliant family entertainment, full of spooks, laughter, action and monsters! The animation is gorgeous and Danny Elfman's music is lovely. I loved Frankenweenie so much and would reccomend it to anyone!

  3.  The Bay


    What Contagion should have been. The acting is fine, even though one person does not standout but it is the plot that is the talking point here. This may not be typical Horror but it is scary how believable most of it all is. The use of handheld is brilliant and the atmosphere is desperate and horrific. The Bay is well directed and well made and a standout entry in the found footage genre (alongside Cloverfield, Chronicle, etc.). The Documentary feel only makes it all the more effective, don't drink water while watching this.

  4.  Best Horror I have seen in ages


    I love Horror films but there is no denying that some are more fun than frightening, well Insidious manages both. The atmosphere is so spooky and there's a real vintage vibe here which takes you back to frighteners like The Poltergeist and the film will have you playing tricks on yourself, thinking you can see things on the screen. Its great, the first half is more frightening and then it turns into a more action packed film, still its all great stuff. A film has not scared me like this did, in nearly 10 years!

  5.  A Scre4m of Delight!!


    I had doubts whether this film could indeed manage to capture the right tone and inspiration of the first film. This in my mind is the closest sequel to match the first film and is just a massively fun time at the cinema. The plot revels in a sort of re-introduction to the characters and the returning cast are an awful lot of fun. The references to modern horror convention and the reliance on sequels, gore and virals is well placed and the film is just an enjoyable stint and actually surfaces a few jump scares along the way too. A great addition to the film franchise and I think it would make for a perfect finnish to the Scream series! Although I doubt it will end it!

  6.  Great Thriller


    An engaging and well written film which manages to be thrilling and entertaining with all its cast on fine form.

  7.  solid fun


    The Green Hornet is a purposely silly take on a superhero and sidekick and it works pretty well. Most jokes hit the spot, although there are instances where you think, "didn't I see that somewhere else?". Nevertheless it all breezes along and Rogen and Chou make a surprisingly good team onscreen and Waltz again is a brilliant villain. Its all well filmed and shot, just with a few flaws but still a fun ride while it lasts.

  8.  The one box set to rule them all!


    I held of buying last years LOTR set to wait for these versions and I can't wait to see these films in high definition. There looks to be a load of interesting extras and some brilliant production has obviously gone into this set!

    As for the films themselves? Well what more can you say? I personally liked The Fellowship of the Ring the best and thought it was a flawless introduction to this classic trilogy. The Two Towers was excellent as well and a close second with a stand out and unforgettable battle on display. Personally I thought The Return of the King (despite sweeping at the Oscars) was the worst of the trilogy, not to say its bad because it isn't, I just thought it was thje lesser film when compared to the other two.

    I am definately going to buy this set and with how it all looks I think that many people will probably be joining me!

  9.  I am a bore!


    This film has its moment but for a good 2/3 is pretty dull and lifeless and by the time things liven up in a reasonable conclusion its too late. The characters vary between ok and forgettable and there are no good villains on display here. The concept is a fine one and its not the worst use of your time but really its dissapointing and unexciting!

  10.  Gnomeo and Juliet- Not that Bard!


    Don't let the awful title's pun put you off because whilst this film is not going to be contending for best animation of 2011, it is a bit of fun. The all star cast are really a joy but it is the various cameos that prove more fun for adults (try and spot the voices of Richard 'I don't believe it' Wilson, Patrick Stewart and Hulk Hogan!). The animation is not glossy but colourful enough and the 3D is adequate. Those familiar with Shakesphere will know that this story ends in tragedy and it is fun seeing a spin on that. All in all, don't take this too seriously and you'll find it to be some good family fun.