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  1.  ouch ouch and ouch again


    The ear peice on this headset is very large and after wearing it for 20 minutes it makes your ear very sore but other than that the sound quality is good. Avoid if you have small ears

  2.  Best Programme Ever Made Period!


    Forget about Buffy or Angel or Friends this is the best tv series to come out of America. It has it all love,laughter,tears and all blended in with sci-fi. Truely amazing, sadly it only lasted 3 seasons.

  3.  The Online Multiplayer Makes this Game A Must Buy


    To be brutly honest the story mode is no where near as good as Modern warfare it seems as though they rushed it just to concentrate on improving the online multiplayer because that is a joy to behold. The extreme addictiveness of the multiplayer makes this game a must buy even though the story mode was a bit of a let down.

  4.  Resident Evil 4 but with the good things removed


    If any of you have played RE4 you will find out that this game is pretty much exactly the same but and it a BIG but..... No Merchant, that guy was soo cool instead you can upgrade,buy or sell at the end of the level or when you die . No Briefcase for carrying items and weapons just 9 slots which can become tight and no combining treasure to make it worth more. overall still a good game but if they added more features instead of them taking away from RE4 it could of became a great game.

  5.  Probably the best game money can buy!!!


    Having not played Elder Scrolls I was a bit weary in buying this game but because of the story about post apocalyptic washington d.c I thought I would give it a go. The outcome has surpassed all of my expectations. The gameplay is excellent with protentialy over 100 hours on 100% completion . The graphics are some of the best to offer on PS3 .Warning do not but this game if you want a life as it will take over it.

  6.  One of the biggest let downs' of the year


    I don't think the creaters actually played the game when they finished it, the steering of the car is absolutly terrible. The graphics are no way near as good as nfs most wanted/carbon and thats on a older console. The free roam is a complete waste of time because you can't drive to the race or to shops you either click on map or push down to jump to the nearest race.the game is easy and short, being playing it for 4 hours and i'am 46% game progress. Overall the game is a big let down, i think they should have concentrated on making the game play better instead of the fancy acting