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  1.  Unique and addictive, but...


    Finished Uncharted 3 on Hard. This series really isn't my cup of tea.

    I don't enjoy the gameplay, I think it's seriously basic and nothing special. Platforming? Ok, sometimes it's cool to watch when you hang on a ledge over an endless pit in a forgotten city, but it's gotten repetitive. Seeing Drake fall on his butt on 90% of jumps, destroying walls and desks.. All the cliches with a typical treasure hunting stuff e.g. searching for a lost civilization, getting to the forgotten city which then collapses on your head while the villain(s) die(s) inside it.. I mean it's good, it's different and unique out on the market, I can understand that it has a huge fanbase, but for me it's just not entertaining and kinda annoying. Is it weird that I dislike it? I don't know, but I'm not going to allow my opinion affect the overall rating too harshly.

    As for an objective comparison with previous games I thought this one was a bit short and some chapters really delayed the plot not really adding anything except graphics to appreciate (desert) or didn't connect very well (capturing Drake and putting him in the middle of a freaking ship graveyard, I was like WTF am I doing here? I suppose it was just to put more gunfight into the story).
    Also, it is getting seriously boring that the only new characters in the game appear to be villains (I don't know about Cutter, was he in Drake's Fortune?), they need to put some thought on new allies
    I thought melee combat got a lot better and handy. As for gunfight combat, the only annoying detail which remained from the previous games that I found is that there always is going to be that one dude standing behind some obstacle waiting for you to clean the area and leave the cover spot to shoot you in the back, I died because of it at least 7-10 times.

    8/10 from me. Graphics were sick, story wasn't too great but very addictive, combat was OK. Good to put your time into it just to watch a job well done.

  2.  Definitely unique, but honestly could have been better


    I believe there wasn't a game like this until now, at least not as hyped. Interrogations are the crucial part of the game and despite some glitches they make it stand out. Challenging and unique. I like them.
    Also I simply enjoyed it. It was like I was watching a good movie, not an excellent one, but one that is engaging and keeps you going.
    Graphics are good, not excellent, but just the presence of the huge area and many detailed landmarks is due credit to the creators of the game.

    Now, despite its uniqueness the game also has its downsides.

    - Driving
    I find it bad. Cars are pretty hard to control and honestly it is good that they introduced the ability of skipping driving parts, because I took no enjoyment whatsoever in crashing around. When it comes to crashing, I mean CRASHING. I find it silly on its own that as an LAPD cop you are able to crash around and take no responsibility for it at all, but hey, that's Rockstar and GTA habits for you. It's silly that as a policeman you can basically kill people in hit-and-run situation and disrupt the traffic so easily. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind to be able to drive at high speeds (because sensibly in such games it would be stupid to have to obey the traffic rules), but then the driving should be made easier or there should be at least some repercussions.

    - Interrogation and storyline glitches
    Whilst playing the story mode I have noticed some imperfections during interrogations. In some cases the reactions of people do not match their overall state of mind eg. a girl gets told that her mother is dead, but is able to maintain composure and undergo interrogation by LAPD cops without presence of a parent, how realistic.
    Also the Black Dahlia Homicide part of story is very dodgy. I mean how in the world can you investigate five murders, collect stone-hard evidence against your suspects eg. finding matching bloodied rope in the slum or a bloodied knife and scalpel in the locker of a crazed salesperson and then for it to turn out that it was actually a Black Dahlia killer ? If there was a connection between the killer and all the suspects they should have included it in the game and not just throw the evidence around random people linked to the victims.

    Also, I'm not the kind of person to enjoy running around a giant map unless it's actually worth something and it seems to me that the only purpose of having FILM REELS with those old noir films is exactly just to make you drive around the city to explore it. Same thing with DIFFERENT HIDDEN VEHICLES which are there for you to find, but there is nothing extra about them. I really think the developers could have come up with something a bit more original than just a way to make you do sight-seeing in order to get the trophy if you desire (and I don't). Just add something more and much more people would be interested in looking into the new cars or the old films.

    And personally, I would want the game to be a bit more strict when it comes to pursuits, because too often those street crimes and pursuits end up in the death of the suspect. But again, that's just my opinion and I realise that maybe shooting those criminals adds more to the game somehow, someway.

    I think the game was good. I enjoyed the story mode and I think it has a good potential for a sequel if Rockstar decide to create one. After all the story of the characters has not ended with the last scene and it could be continued.

  3.  Overall ? Worth any money under the sun.


    My brother has already completed the storyline, stated it's awesome and still leaves us unanswered questions for the next part so I'd expect AC III to be even more popular.
    Personally, I'm on sequence 4 or 5 having 8 or 9 in total and have rebuilt Rome from top to bottom, but there is absolutely ridiculously massive number of side missions, it's annoying because in order to get 100% you have to get through them all and I probably won't be bothered, maybe only if I get addicted to it so much that I won't be able to cope anymore

    - Brotherhood, after spending more time on it waiting for the game to expand it turned out that the idea of Assassin recruits wasn't bad at all. Basically what happens with them is you destroy towers to free up a territory on the map and for each tower destroyed you get to recruit an assassin newbie (maximum of 12). Then you skill them by having them assassinate the target you chase, fight for you (not preferable if they are weak) or by sending out to other cities to do different difficulty missions for which they gain EXP. After they gain enough EXP to advance to a new level and gain access to armor and weapon upgrades (these are not like Ezio's, they are general, simply upgrade to lvl 1 and they get access to pistol etc.). When you level them up to level 10 you can introduce them as proper assassins and then fun begins Whenever you call to fight beside you they have the exact same level of skill as Ezio (maybe significantly less) so they do help out in critical situations. Also, it's actually fun. However, I still think the producers could have done a better job on outfits cuz they are dodgy before and after recruit becomes an assassin.

    - Graphics are still magnificent n' crisp. I like the hideout design and the appearance of Rome's most important buildings like Pantheon. Also Ubisoft has recorded a bunch of awesome soundtracks, really good job on those. The map itself is unbelievably good, can't believe someone actually bothers to put so many textures together to make the city.

    - Storyline, if you focus on beating it in two-three days like my brother did then you might not really consider it that good, but who gives a heck. IMO it's great and some of the missions are uber challenging, especially if you want to get 100% Sync on them (in order to get 100% you have to fulfill extra condition assigned to the mission).

    - Combat, I like it, challenged my on some points, animations and physics are great and all the polishing Ubisoft has done really shows in this version. New weapons are also quite useful eg. ranged poisoning or crossbow (must have in fight against mounted knights).

    - Side missions, destroying war machines (naval cannon - gondola with napalm cannon, bomber - Leonardo's flying machine with cannon attached, tank - that is so trash, looks nothing like a tank, more like a wooden turtle ) is quite good but a bit hard to get 100% sync on the missions, courtesan, mercenary and thief guilds also have great assignments for you to do.

    - Introduction of new map features eg. tunnels to move around the map much quicker, temples (u know, the ones where you jump about the ledges to get to the prize), renovating scheme is also a good way of giving you profit, it's well balanced in terms of daily income from banks.

    - I have a feeling that making Rome so huge and not bothering to do the other cities is sort of a backstep, but I'll allow it since it's 2.5

    - FLAGS RESURRECTED ! OMG these are so annoyin. After I collected my first feather of the game and I've seen there are only 10 I was jumping up and down my living room, but after I've seen they've also brought back the creepy flags from

    - AI, accents and guild challenges

  4.  Spot on shooter, but not perfect


    Not a bad single player campaign, great multiplayer and challenging special ops. It's also one of those games that requires you to hone your skills and it is also quite addictive if you want to actually get better at it. Graphics and sound is pitch perfect. The game also has great achievements and unclokables which get you into it more and more. Especially unlockable weapon add-ons got me into multiplayer as I wanted best quality guns and gameplay.
    However, it isn't perfect in my opinion. One of the issues is the priority of a knife which many people tend to point out. You definitely should not be able to kill the enemy with one knife swing. It also affects the priority of short range weapons and makes it way too easy for the player to cope with close combat. Also at least for me, it is really annoying that you have to complete every single challenege over and over again till you have same set of weapons as in the online play especially when playing offline and I'm not talking about my own account. When playing offline split screen it's quite annyoing that me and my friends can't play with the same sets of weapons just because they are not unlocked.
    But these are just annoying mistakes. Overall the game is really good and definitely worth a buy, especially if you like shooting games.

  5.  Really good, like GTA but with better story behind it


    I like it. In my opinion it is better than GTA even though it features far less options. The big advantage is that it is believable, because of the war theme, the background, the style. It takes very long to complete it fully and trophies are not that hard to be collected. Graphics are outstanding and flawless.

    Cons would probably include ridiculous bugs over the map, silly accents and quite remarkable AI - be the only man in the radius of 5km who is not Nazi and try to blow something up, they won't give a .... because you're not suspicious to them ;)

    Even though it is worth a buy :]

  6.  Great improvement in comparison to the previous game !


    I am really delighted that I've decided to buy this game. In my opinion it beats any fighting game produced in over last 2-3 years. Graphics are great, sound is perfect, fighting is very challenging but as you get into it it is really easy to enjoy every second of the game. New characters refreshed the series so that it is not just another boring outcome. New ultra combos have diversified the existing characters and some of the characters who were clearly unbalanced and overabused (Zangief, Sagat, Seth) were improved very effectively (fe. you can't just spam lariat or send fireballs to win, more of the strikes go through them and it is easier to get things done when you fight a loony who does just that). New online battle modes are really good and they are something different to the concept of the game which makes it better.

    My only issue is that some storylines could have been extended by more than just a bit (fe. Akuma - Gouken) and it kind of affects the excitement when you play in arcade mode.
    Also I do not really like the bonus modes. I mean.. what's the point of smashing the car or destroying barrels ? This isn't some cheap record-counting game.
    N' IMO Seth is still a bit overpowered on medium for any ordinary player. It would take ages to go through him with likes of El Fuerte,

    Even though, I have to give it a 5. It would be unfair to lower the grade just, because of my personal views.

  7.  A must buy !


    Outstanding. Removes problem of slippy L2 + R2 buttons. Simply great.

  8.  Really nice, but..


    Keyboard is really nice. Easy to configure the special keys. I like it, but there are also things that keep annoying me. Keyboard has wireless range of about 3m, but mouse is just about reaching 2m.. No matter what I do, how I configure, how many potential interfering hardware I turn off I still get just about 2m. It is really annoying, because I'd love to lie in my bed while using keyboard and mouse, but I can only lie in the armchair which is not the same as bed :]

  9.  Most entertaining and fun racing game ever created :]


    I give it a 4 for a simple reason. It is great and fun !
    I love racing when you actually have to worry about the environment around you unlike in some games. It makes the game believable.
    Cars, crash animations, events, races, colours, goals (billboards, smash gates), freeburn challenges, city, day + night, motorcycles! Everything is spot on. I can go on for hours to count advantages of this game. The biggest one is probably that you WANT to play it again and again and motivates you if you fail to meet the goal in a race.
    But.. There are also some .. let's say, slip-ups. I really feel shocked that in such a great game there is no split-screen mode. It would have made it so much better. I hate to swap over the controller with my mates so they can actually have a go on it. Also one annoying detail is amount of loading time in the menu. I don't know whether it annoys you, but I hate to wait for all the buttons to come up and then go on to the next one to select the option I need.

    Really great game, but if there was a patch to it to bring in some improvements then it would clearly be in the top 3 of the racing games ever.

  10.  Unbelieveably good


    The game itself has just left me speechless. When I was playing it for the first time I did not realize how many things you can actually do in this game. You can do small side missions including assassinations, you can follow storyline, you can acquire armors and new weapons, you can change colors of your suit (unless it's the final one). Storyline is superb and I can't imagine how Ubisoft is going to manage to make Assassin's Creed III better than this one. It has raised the bar to unimaginably high levels.