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  1.  An essential purchase


    This is what the Wii was made for - interesting, exciting, addictive fun, suitable for all ages. Whether its two people playing a co-op game or you and 3 mates competing against each other, its absolutely brilliant. An essential purchase.

  2.  Best Snooker game there is


    Make no mistake, this is the best Snooker game out there. I was dubious at first as most Snooker games over the years have been rubbish, but this changes the way the game is played. Whereas most Snooker games in the past will take ages even for you to pot a ball, WSC Real will have you banging in 30-40 breaks within an hour or so, as they concentrate more on your White ball skills and table management rather than just potting here and there. The graphics are TV realistic with the same camera angles as you would expect, the physics of the table and balls are perfect and the career mode is brilliant - no difficulty settings but you enter tournaments slowly getting better and better and progressing a round at a time, improving your world ranking. Eventually you end up playing players such as Mark King, Nigel Bond etc as you get further into competitions. Massively addictive gameplay as you get bigger breaks, progress further - and the feeling of clearing the table to win by a point is superb.

    Some negatives include the commentary, which is absolutely attrocious, making no sense whatsoever, and seemingly completely random - better to turn the sound down and put some of your own music on instead. The create a player could be better with only a few possible ways to look. The progress is SLOW - if you lose you don't get any better (a points system), and losing in the first few rounds of a tournament over and over is frustrating .

    Other than that, massively addictive game - definitely worth a go!

  3.  Top game, well worth a few quid!


    This is well worth parting with a few coins, very playable and enjoyable game for those that either love table-tennis or find normal tennis a bit slow. The controls are easy to use and can be mastered after a few games, and you are soon bending spin shots all over the table. Its very enjoyable playing un-returnable smash shots, playing spin-shots off the table and the occasional drop shot that completely confuses your opponent. The graphics and player characters are well put together, and the detail is sometimes amazing as they begin to sweat more and move about around the table.

    However, the game is painfully lean on options. There is no career mode, no create a player mode, only a few arenas, players etc, which is a real shame. If it had a create a player mode, it could have been brilliant. The only real option available is how many points per game to win by and the colour of your players shirt, and thats about it.

    Therefore, after a while you stop playing because it becomes slightly monotonous and you look for something different. I would have given 4 stars but the lack of options drops a point off. 3 stars for a game for less than 5 sheets is a bargain by anyone's standards.

  4.  Great game, bargain price


    Postitives- This game has some of the best visuals I have ever seen in a game, and simply has to be played in HD on a big TV to be appreciated. The artwork in the background, the way light is used in different ways etc is stunning and keeps you engaged. The cut scenes are a great mix of cartoon-ish visuals mixed with surreal artwork. The sound is excellent and when there is speech over action sounds for instance the sound is well layered.

    The main plus-point of the game is how enjoyable it is to play - unloading 200 rounds on a huge gun into multiple enemies is great, as is using a sniper rifle and watching their heads explode from a distance is a great laugh.

    Sawing an alien in half with a chainsaw is also feindishly enjoyable...

    Negatives- the game switches from very easy to very hard in a heartbeat, with you walking through some sections of the game with ease but then the next stage will have you fuming at just how difficult it is, having to play the same sequence over and over and over...

    Overall the game is a must buy at 18 notes and will keep you entertained for hours.