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  1.  One too many glitches


    As good as the game is there are far too many glitches on the game.

    Blatant own goals given to a random player of the team who scored. Players going down injured and labelled as a totally different player. Auto save doesnt always save when you want it to.

    The biggest glitch is th efreezing of the game, this has happened on many game modes, randomly when I pause to make a sub, and in the arena before an online game.

    Positive things about the game however, I like the updates of going to other grounds when there is a goal, and the injury updates from touchline reporter. I also like career mode where there is updates of cup draws and classified score update. Also the fully licensing of my team Tottenham is a plus. I also find it good that you can now win titles on online season mode.

    In summary though it still feels that I have bought a faulty product due to the glitches.

  2.  excellent reception


    I was really dubious when buying this how good it would be, being an indoor aerial and fairly cheap but thought id give it a go and has turned out to be a good purchase. Found about as many channels as my outdoor aerial has so is perfect for the bedroom. Might buy another for my other bedroom. Only thing i noticed was the hoover affects it but not many people watch tv whilst hoovering! :)

  3.  very good game


    really enjoyed this game, wanted a tennis game to have a smash about on and this fits the bill perfectly, you can play a full career mode and work your way up the rankings creating your own character or play with one of your favourite tennis players. Its highly competitive and absorbing. You also hav ethe choice of all 4 slams too. Im not the biggest tennis fan and this game is perfect for me but a huge tennis lover might not like it so much as there are few aces and double faults, the ball also rarely goes outside the boundary lines which may put off the big tennis fans due to lack of realism. Still great for a knock about.

  4.  excellent value for money


    very cheap piece of kit but does the job brilliantly, was perfect for us as we wanted a docking station for in the kitchen when washing up etc. Obviously didnt want to spend a huge amount, but 12.99 is a bargain when you look at some of the other docking stations about. The speaker quality is good enough and extra bonus of FM radio. Pleased :)

  5. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    8 New from  £2.83  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.00

     super game


    after years of being a PES loyalist, I played FIFA world cup and FIFA 10 at a mates and decided to buy it, I wasnt disappointed, great game play and amazing graphics. FIFA has left PES behind. I like all the game modes you can do, leagues, cup, manager mode etc, and such a huge array of teams fully licensed, means its a winner everytime, looking forward to FIFA 11 coming out.

  6.  very good but a little ltd


    got this as part of a deal when buying my PS3 and being a Pro Evo fan normally I was a little dubious. However the game doesnt disappoint, either start in the finals or qualify, plus the option to have friendlies along the way in qualifying it does give a couple of good options to play.

    However once you have done the qualifying and the tournament there isnt much after that, and id imagine after winning the world cup it will be a bit boring, would have liked to see a league option or a custo cup/tournament option, still its a very good game and will see me through to when the FIFA and PES series come out later in the year.

  7.  the king of rap really is back this time


    This album is in Eminem's top 3 in my opinion, 3rd behind Marshall Mathers LP and Slim Shady LP. Every song has meaning and sharp lyrics and the accents that "were run into the ground" are gone.

    I think there is a maturity about Eminem on this album, his recognition of the failures of Encore and Relapse speak volumes, and the apologies to the fans for those pieces of work make the real fans know what he means. There is also some very different Eminem songs on the albums with collaborations with the likes of Pink and Rianna dont sound appealing on paper but are delivered expertly. The pure whit of 25 to life is so clever, the whole song you think he is rapping about a woman and then the twist at the end where he is talking about hip hop, pure genius.

    The use of classic songs such used in "No Love" and "Going through Changes" just work brilliantly. Then he finally releases a song in honour of Proof which shows how much he has moved on and "Never Over" is the perfect dedication to his best friend and right hand man. Tracks like "WTP" are good for those who like an upbeat song and the romantics might like "Space Bound" and "Love the way you lie" which again are expertly delivered.

    There literally is not one bad track and no skits so its songs all the way through, no corny voices and Eminem back to the old style of which was last seen mainly on The Eminem Show. I love this album and its a listen not just for the hip hop fans but for music fans, I genuinely believe there is a little something for everyone on this album. Welcome back Mr Mathers.

  8.  Was never going to be SSLP or MMLP


    Ok, as I said in the titel, this was never going to be the slim shady lp or marshall mather lp, but it does have its own credentials. The whit and freshness of Mr Mathers are certainly still there on this album. The deeper songs like Beautiful and De Ja Vu are also there for fans like me who like the darker stuff.
    The only thing I am not too keen on is the change in voice, its like he has become embarassed of how his voice used to be and puts on the silly voice. Its re-freshing when you hear Beautiful and Underground as that seems to be Eminems regular voice, and if the whole album had the delivery of those songs the album would be getting a 4 at least knocking on 5 star door.

    As a whole though the album is good and will probably be topping my playlist count within a month, the only reason it gets a 3 star is I guess I expect absolute perfection everytime from Eminem. Also compared to previous albums by Marshall this isnt up there but as I say it does have its credentials and is a good listen.

    I think saying that this album is a 1 or 0 as some have said is a little extreme, its a good album, just not great.

    You also have to consider how many artists drop a classic 6th album, not many really. Value for money all the same. Look forward to the next album later in the year :-)

  9.  new year, same game


    I just cant see alot of difference in the PES 2009 from last years apart from team changes and player transfers (of which some are still outdated). Also I had the same trouble as that other guy with the substitution thing subbed someone and they were then subbed back off a few min later. Its still a good game as it is still pes and I will still play it for hours on end, but their is little effort been put into it.

    Another thing I noticed was that some of the kits are the same as last seasons and not been updated, mainly on the English teams, like Spurs still in all white and Arsenals away kit is still white when it has changed to yellow.

    As I say its still PES and still isbrilliant in game play which means it gets 3 stars but I cant help but think the PS2 players are being convinced to upgarde to the PS3.

  10. Gangs



    7 New from  £5.60  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.59

     a great read


    Very intriguing book and kept me interested throughout. Eye opening to think how some communities live, although in the UK we have a growing gang culture at the moment it really is nothing to some of these countries. I really enjoyed all the interesting facts and stories told made many a work lunch time go by quickly. Looking forward to buying number 2 now.