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  1.  Very Disappointing


    Like the previous reviewer my husband and I were really looking forward to watching this film, we were left very disappointed and fell asleep within the first hour. The story continually flicks from past to present, from character to character, most of which adds nothing to the plot. You find yourself not really caring much about any particular character so the urge to find out what will happen next is just not there. Personally I was looking forward to some kick ass action, a good story line and a likeable main character, perhaps with a few jaw dropping effects thrown in for good measure, this film had none of it. The trailer has been cut really well because it does give the impression this film is something that it's not.

  2.  I loved it.........


    I really enjoyed Little Big Planet, it was fun, fun, fun and more fun. There isn't much more I can say really, the graphics are great and the gameplay is amusing and challenging. You get to do fun things like dress up as a mermaid or lion, ride on rockets and sledges. The kids will love it and be pestering you to play on it.

  3.  Fun filled roller coaster from start to finish!!!!!!!


    Game play and graphics are excellent and offer loads of variety, one minute your disco dancing to unlock a door the next minute blowing baddies away with grenades. You get to play about with an arsenal of weapons that contain fun items like bombs that turn baddies into penguins. I loved this game the only reason I have given it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I would have liked to game to have been longer.

  4.  Fabulous Darling!!!!!


    If you love survival horror then Dead Space is an absolute must!!! The graphics are top notch and the game play is excellent. The monsters keep coming and its real fight to the death, this game has variety by the bucket load. It's very scary and creates atmosphere well, you find yourself saying things like " what the hell was that" and not wanting to open doors for fear of what lurks on the other side. The controls are easy to master and the game is not overly difficult so remains very playable and very scary. Turn the lights out and prepare to do battle!!! LOL

  5.  Not For Me...Thanks


    I will start by saying I didn't like this game.....at all. The controls are awkward and annoying. The game play is slow and repetitive, it seems to go on for ages about nothing, the monsters are all same and you can run from them as easy as kill them either way it doesn't matter. There really is no variety at all; it's all the same from start to finish. I'm a big survival horror fan and I was really excited about this game having played the first one, but now I wish I hadn't bothered. On the plus side the graphics are good, there are one or two interesting moments but that's it. Most seem to have enjoyed it, maybe I'm too fussy?? But I wouldn't recommend it and the sudden drop in price seems to reflect the game's dire performance in my opinion.

  6.  Amazing Graphics


    As with all Tomb Raider games this one has amazing graphics. The locations are vast and I love the mythical locations, you really get a feel for the environment created. The puzzles and game play will challenge you and keep you interested. However considering the hype I was a little let down, the game was far too short and there weren't enough combat sequences or scenery changes. I find myself saying the same thing about most major releases so maybe I expect too much???? Overall the game contains enough thrills, action and puzzles to keep most gamers happy. However if Tomb Raider is not your thing, I think you will struggle to be entertained at all???

  7.  Not Bad...


    The graphics are excellent and the controls are very easy to master which makes playing the game more enjoyable. However I found the game very easy....too easy even on the hard setting, the puzzles were simple and monsters go down far too quickly. I was disappointed that I didn't get a showdown with Triangle Head. I found it all too familiar.......Those of you who have played the original PS1 version of Silent Hill will know exactly what I mean. There wasn't anything new... the monsters were the same, various locations on the map are the same with the exception of a few new additions. I was expecting more though, it lacked something but what I am not sure. It didn't scare me, build tension or create atmosphere the same as previous instalments had. In my opinion it's just a re-vamped version of the original, but maybe that's part of its charm??? If you like survival horror you will enjoy it and if you're a fan of the original then it will be a trip down memory lane. Considering the hype I was a little let down I have to say, but overall it's a good game and very playable which makes it enjoyable.

  8.  Good Overall


    Having played all three previous Devil May Cry games I was a little dissapointed with the fourth installment. Graphically it looks good, however I found the game play repetative. It lacks substance, there are very few changes of scenery, I found myself getting a bit bored when playing certain levels. The game was far too easy even on Devil Hunter mode and I completed it very quickly, the end bosses weren't much of a challenge either. Doesn't live upto the standard set by the other 3 installments. Overall I think it's playable with enough thrills to keep anyone entertained.

  9. Lair



    Available  used  from  £1.88

     Boring....Rubbish Graphics


    Had a PS3 for around 6 months now and Lair is by far the worst game available for the console. The gameplay is boring and repetative, the graphics are not upto standard either. There really is nothing more I can say....IT'S BORING. Please don't waste your money spend it on Ratchet and Clank instead.

  10.  Not brilliant...but not bad either


    I agree with previous reviewers, this game was repetitive. There is definitely some problem here as the game locks up very frequently which can be annoying. If you're buying this game thinking it will be something along the lines of Prince of Persia then forget it, the game concentrates on strategy and tactical planning more than fighting and action. The graphics are good and once you get into it you will probably be hooked.