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  1.  Personally Disapointed However Still A Great Game


    Straight to the point. If you haven't played the first Mass Effect then you can completely Dismiss these points and may skip to the next paragraph. I LOVED Mass Effect 1. I Believe i racked up a good 70 hour save file on one profile. Every aspect about Mass Effect 1, Personally, was amazing. So i was frustrated that everything I loved about Mass Effect 1 has been taken out of Mass effect 2. What the Hell! No longer can you do jumps in the Mako on any planet you fancy whilst battling Gigantic Worms. Or take out an outpost in the Mako. Or search for resources using the mako. Gone are the many attribute points in which you can assign power ups to. No longer can you add powerups to your armour, Wepons and grenades. All of these separated this RPG from others. All for me were just loved features of the first. What I was hoping they would keep.

    However if you've never played the game then this game will blow you away. Story telling is awesome. The story itself is better. There is a huge diversity in the gameplay. The graphics are epic. The combat has been significantly improved. Personally the combat was a feature that gave its predecessor some character.

    This is an excellent game. But DON't expect it to be like the first. The only similarities is the universe in which Mass Effect lies. Everything else has been stripped out and revamped. That said not everyone liked the features that I enjoyed in Mass Effect 1. So for many it was a massive improvement.

  2.  Very Impressed


    Now they aren't the best headphones on the market, and admittably i have seen prettier more stylish headphones. I use these mainly at home and wow i was impressed. For the money i was expecting something little bigger than the normal headphones you would expect to get free with the old sony walkman tape player back in the day.
    The sound quality on these are surprisingly good. Overall sound is very crisp. I just use these headphones to listen to my ipod on at home. I listen to a range of music from Drum and Bass to some classical music. No complaints. Paying a measly ten pounds for these i can't complain. I can't see why people are complaining. Possibly because they have previously paid similar price for headphones which were actually better? However i haven't got anything bad to say other than they don't look good to wear.

  3.  Excellent


    This pair of headphones are the only pair i ever buy. I must admit i think i buy at least 3 pairs a year. But these beat the apple headphones for clarity. They are cheap and fairly durable considering i use them every day and i listen to them on my motorbike. Comfortable and affordable.

  4.  Great


    Brilliant game. Brings in fantastic ideas to the very over populated FPS scene. The scenery is fantastic as well as you dive into the depths of the sea and discover rapture.

    The Game plays really well, however i do think it is rather too long. And the hardest difficulty was a little too easy as well.

    Overall though plays extremely well and story line is fairly balanced. Brilliant buy for the price.

  5.  Great


    For the price you pay for they are good headphones. Good overall sound quality, good bass etc. I have had a few of these in the past and no other head phone has lasted longer than a pair of theses. Considering the abuse i put them through. I have always had the faulty wire with EVERY pair of headphones i have owned in the past. Which is why i've found these to be the best considering their life time and price.

    Worth buying for everyday use.

  6.  Fantastic.


    One of the best games of this genre i have ever encoutered. Fantistic hours of brilliant gameplay. Brilliant scenery and storylines. Mainly for the younger people but still makes for a good game for older the people as well. Plenty to do on it and great laughs all along the way. 5*'s