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  1.  Epic game with a dismal flaw!


    I have just played the first 2 missions and I'm already enticed into the game. The scenery locations look spectacular and the huge fighting scenes are so thrilling and heart pumping fun! I've been looking for a game like this for ages. The arena challenge is also brilliant.
    The creators however, have made the biggest mistake in their lives. The description clearly states the there is multi player but playing the game I've discovered that there is none at all! For a game that was crying and begging for multi player game-play why oh why haven't they included it. My only hope is that they can somehow make an update which will support it if that's possible.
    Apart from the fact that the description of the game lies and this gigantic let down distastes me, due to its excellent game-play and excitement it still deserves 4 stars.

  2.  An action packed extravaganza !!!


    Due to reading some negative reviews about this film I had my doubts. However, the people who negatively reviewed this must have issues: the action is brilliantly choreographed and very unique as well as being supremely entertaining, the cast without a doubt make the film unmissable and all suit their roles and the humor throughout is excellent. In my opinion this is a must watch film for all audiences, apart from under 18s of course.

    Just a quick note, you can't not like the monstrous AA-12 shotgun used in the film: 250 rounds per minute and explosive ammunition rounds. Whoever handles that will kick ass !!!

  3.  Well I wasn't expecting a thrill like that.


    I'd briefly heard of this film and as all people said it was good I decided to buy it. I watched the whole film with my dad and due to the fact that he didn't fall asleep half way through (which he normally does with most films) is saying something.
    The film starts off nice and calm and then suddenly turns to a complete catastrophe filled with many moments of heart thudding, intense action scenes which keep you enticed into the film throughout the duration of the two and a half hours. I actually was sad to see the ending credits come on the screen.
    You have to watch this, for any war fans. Has to be one of the best war films ever made. Also, love the huge cast of well known actors; they fit very well together. Without a doubt buy it now.

  4.  Top Class Game !!!


    People have been gesturing whether this type of game, set in the early 1900s, will be successful and fun to play and by god it is. It takes gaming to the next level. Yet more stunning work by rockstar to produce this rich, inch perfect game with quite spectacular graphics and an excellent story. You really can't fault the game. Multiplayer also is good fun.
    All I can say that it is well worth the money and once bought you definitely won't regret it.

  5.  An excellent beginning to a thrilling series of books!


    I have read all of the Alex Rider books a couple of times now and this one doesn't disappoint in introducing an emphatic series that all teens and kids should read. I you've never heard of the collection I'd suggest waking up and reading all of the books as I guarantee it won't be a waste of your time.

  6.  A very exceptional action packed film.


    This film kept me watching right until the end as it is a very exquisite, thrilling film. Some of the action scenes are very superbly made and the story line, in my view, is excellent. For people who have seen the previous Terminator films, yeah it is a bit different than the rest but, it is a must buy and in my opinion is the best out of the lot.

  7.  WOOOOOO!!!!! So glad i bought this.


    The freedom you are given in this, in my view no. 1 game, is unreal; you can literally do anything that you want anytime you like. Definitely a massive improvement to GTA: tons more miles of land to explore, loads of immense vehicles to drive including passenger planes and hovercrafts, a thrilling story-line and quite stunning graphics.
    I would thoroughly recommend any ps3 owner to buy this game, you definitely will not be disappointed, and I'd rate the game as most likely one of the best! Enjoy!

  8.  Disturbingly excellent!


    I definitely won't be journeying to the desert often after witnessing one heck of a horror film. The acting is great, the shocks are hair - raising and the gore is utterly gruesome. Added together makes the perfect, tense horror film that really is unmissable for any horror fans. Not for the faint hearted however, some viewers may find some of the scenes very disturbing!

  9.  Who wouldn't give this 5 stars!!!!!?????


    OMG! The fist time that I watched this I was eye-boggled at how good it actually was. The action in the film is certainly expertly produced and there is a thrilling plot to it. Neeson is superb and really adds to the atmosphere throughout the movie.
    If you've never heard of or seen this, I'd advise you to do the right thing and buy this DVD now. You won't regret it.

  10.  Brilliant re-make of the book!


    I have watched this films a couple of times now and I still like it loads. Alex Rider is everyone's dream teenager as he embarks on a thoroughly action packed, tensifying adventure as he discovers the secret behind the Stormbreaker. Would definitely recommend any Alex Rider fans to watch this; it certainly doesn't disappoint and is a thrilling film for the family.