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  1.  Back on form


    OMD return to form with this new Album. Having been a fan since 1980, this is the sort of album I loved from them in the glory days. Not quite as out there as "Dazzle ships", but it still has some typically OMD segments. Little mixtures electronic voices set to music, such as "Please remain seated".
    Also we have sweeping Electo-ballads, the best of which is " Dresden ", harking back to classics like Tesla Girls and Maid of Orleans.
    Any long time OMD fan will love this and the extra DVD with Andy and Paul talking us through the track and some fun little animations to go with the afore-mentioned segments is worth having, for fans.

  2.  Complete waste of time and talent


    This is probably the worst war film ever made (there may be worse but I've yet to see one!). Definately way below what you would expect from the Writer/Director and Main stars.
    It's a muddled mess of a movie, maybe it's trying to be black humour but it's painfully unfunny. It can't think it's a serious movie can it?
    Why did Brad Pitt waste his talent on this (Same could be said for Diane Kruger and Michael Fassbender) pile of tripe?
    Such a disappointment, as I'm a fan of Tarantino and Brad Pitt and usually enjoy their work. Don't waste your time or money on it.
    The disc will end up as a coaster or bird scarer, but definately never be watched again.
    If i could mark it 0 starts i would.

  3.  TV Drama doesn't get better than this.


    Kenneth Branagh is the best reason for watching this series sure, but it's still a great piece of work. No flash, quick cut editing this production credits the viewer with more than a goldfish attention span. The camera will linger with a character to draw out emotion without the need for words. Branagh is utterly superb at bringing Wallander's inner demons and pain to the surface, with the most subtle and convincing acting you will ever see.
    Dark stories told with a feeling and emotion rarely seen on the fast paced modern TV series, where split screen and trendy camera shots take center stage over substance.
    Trully great television.

  4.  Great value and good quality


    I bought this backpack to use as hand luggage on holiday. I used it everyday on the trip, for waterproofs, food and water, camera Etc..and it was great. Very light all zips and clips worked fine. Now use it on my bike everyday for work still going strong. It looks great too, with retro styling... just can't fault it.

  5. Moon



    14 New from  €7.55  Free delivery

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     Bowie Junior makes a Classic


    Duncan Jones was once known as Zowie Bowie (Son of David) and like his Father has made a Classic.
    Moon is a one man Movie and Sam Rockwell is brilliant. Moon reminds me of the thoughtfull intelligent Sci Fi of the Late '60s and early '70s. The Moon scapes are totally realistic and the whole movie is as perfect a Sci Fi movie as i have seen.
    What a debut for Duncan Jones..a Classic at his first attempt, can't wait for his next movie.

  6.  Original and interesting.


    A slightly different premise to the usual "Aliens come to earth" movie. This time a NASA probe, sent out to look for signs of life, brings back live samples. Unfortunately it breaks up and crashes, over Mexico, on re-entry, an scatters the samples which survive and grow. Now the US/Mexican boarder has a whole new "Alien" problem and the area is walled off and declared a no go area.

    Into this situation is placed a photo-Journalist who is told by his boss to escort his daughter home to the US from Mexico. Travel is hugely difficult and expensive. When he is robbed the only way home is through the exclusion zone.
    The two leads are young and attractive and do a good job. The action is mostly at a distance with war planes flying over and explosions in the distance, but the sense of unease in the danger area is very well racked up. When action does happen it is all the more surprising.
    Don't believe the DVD case when it describes this as an action movie, it's really not. Action is fleeting but there is tension and when the huge alien creatures are finally seen in all their glory it's a brilliant, engaging scene.
    Monsters is a slighly strange title for the piece and you wonder who the "Monsters" really are....

  7.  Great Fun.


    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost strike gold again.
    Two Sci Fi geeks travel to the US for a UFO hotspot road trip and meet a real life Alien,named Paul.
    Paul is a movie for Sci Fi fans, by Sci Fi fans. There are lots of little nods to classic Sci Fi movies and Directors of the past. (Paul being a personal friend and advisor to Speilberg on ET is great fun)
    So it's a road movie a homage and a comedy all in one and it works on every level. It's even got Sigourney Weaver in it and a Classic line from Aliens.
    What's not to like!

  8.  Great Fun


    I was given this for Christmas and was a little dubious at first, but having watched it i was pleasantly surprised.
    The A team is never going to be serious, thought provoking drama, that's not what it was ever about. It's basicly a buddy action movie and very good at it, it is too.
    The cast do a good job of replacing the iconic originals and you soon accept Liam Neeson as Hannibal. The hardest man to replace was Mr T as B.A. and he is the least convincing replacement, but that is more than made up for by Sharlto Copley (District 9) as 'Mad' Murdock. He is simply brilliant and you totally believe he is nuts,(trying to jump start an Ambulance with a Defibrillator made me laugh out loud).
    Action scenes are excellent, especially the end game in LA harbour, and the whole film is entertaining.
    It ain't going to win an oscar, but it does what it does very well, and i hope they do another... I love it when a plan comes together!

  9.  Does what it says on the box


    The Title and Blu ray case tell you all you need to know.
    If you want a high action movie with Aliens and battles, this is the Movie for you, if not get a rom com.
    Action sequences are very well staged, you feel right in the middle of things, effects are top notch and the movie romps along at a fast pace.
    The battle ruined streets, where most of the movie takes palce, are incredibly well realised and feel like a real urban battlefield.
    As a War movie with heroes and villians (and yes the odd cliche) it works very well and is well above average, in this genre.
    It doesn't try and be anything but engaging, action filled, entertainment, It does exactly what it says on the tin, so gets full marks from me.

  10.  Dull as a rainy day


    I had big hopes for this, after all the hype and ads, but found it incredibly dull. Game play is akward and the characters uningaging. I really didn't care who the killer was, after a couple of hours of play, i just wanted something interesting to happen.
    I traded it, without completing, at my local game shop..and that was the most fun i had with it.