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  1.  Its good, but very hard!


    This game is Hard! I have completed almost every RPG on the market, and this game beat them all for its unbelievable difficulty. Defiantly not for the feint of heart. The dark gothic setting as well as the lack of player to NPC dialogue makes this game feel very lonely to me. You never develop any character friendships which i think is vital for RPGs. The storyline is pretty much non existent. But the game sort of makes up for this with the awe inspiring bosses as well as awesome arms and armour. I enjoyed playing this game, however buy the game walkthrough, or you will be left utterly bewildered as to what to do next and were to go. You can miss out on a lot of game content by mistake. I had the manual for 'demon souls' and it just gave me a good sense of direction so to speak. If you play dark souls with out it, it can be annoyingly confusing, its as if the developers just expect you to intrinsically were to go and what to do. I spent 3 hours just trying to find an NPC with the right potions to cure a disease!

  2.  Brilliant


    The fighting is awesome! the visuals are awesome! In fact just about everything is awesome. The story can be a bit slow at times, but thats kinda the same thing with all Japanese RPGs. If you like dark souls, demons souls, viking battle for Asgard or Diablo..... buy this game!

  3. Mafia II

    Mafia II


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     A good solid game


    I really liked this game, the cars were awesome and i think the driving was far more realistic then most games (if your a burnout fan you will dislike the driving). the main character is very likeable as are the others. The shooting, clothes and overall style of the game are done very well and it feels very authentic to the era. if you like anything mafia its a must buy.

  4.  5 STARS


    This season was awesome, i just wish season one had been better so that people would have stayed more interested. Then it could have come back for a 3rd season. If you never finished season 1 or just stopped watching after season one ended buy this, you will be greatly rewarded with some great action scenes, humour, romance and sorrow. Robert Carlyle truly plays the best character the franchise has ever though up, his acting is fantastic!

  5.  Slow start, but it gets better.


    For me Stargate Universe was the continuation of a franchise i think is brilliant. I must say however i thought the beginning was very slow, some of the episodes were boring and the characters were hard to initially care about. I was contently left feeling annoyed that the crew would not shut up about wanting to go home, there hatred for the situation they found themselves in made me wish that they would find a way to leave the ship so we could have more positive characters on board. However this season built the ground work for the second season which is just epic, you could watch this season just simply to get to know the characters and the ship for season 2. I give this season a 3 to 4 stars up until episode 18 and from there every episode of the whole series is 5 stars!

  6.  Hulk get mad... Hulk Smash! HULK RAWWWWW


    This is just awesome, a serious stroke of creative genius. Epic action scenes and the voice acting is second to none, Steven Blum who comes back to portray wolverine is great. Just buy it and see!

  7.  YESSS


    Pure Awesomeness, this programme is a serious piece of genius!

  8.  Old school action with a modern edge


    If your looking for an action film, the kind which does not bend the laws of physics (The Transporter) or give you in depth story lines (mission impossible) you should buy this film. The visuals are great, and the acting is decent considering who they are. A great film for a saturday night with a few beers and a few friends

  9.  Masterful


    A lot of RPGs try hard to achieve what this game has in terms of content, weather that be the story, missions or size of explore-able landscape. I loved this game, it was an epic! It simply cannot wait for Skyrim. Buy this game, truly it is awesome.

  10.  Epic! (Buy It)


    I' am glad i have the chance to say what an awesome anime this is! I watched the entire 26 episodes over a weekend! That is not something i have ever done before, but the anime was just to good to ignore. If you like Berserk or blood+ buy this, its got great drama, action and sorrow. Its an emotional roller coaster, one scene you feel sad at the departing of a character the next scene you will be saying aloud " wow that fight was AWESOME". The only bad thing is that after it is all over, you will be utterly fustrated that the people who directed and wrotes this did not make more!