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  1.  not bad not bad


    decent show to watch!! the starting song is well catchy! hahaha! but the pics are abit ewww! Ive watched all 3 seasons as i was curious and im glad i did! worth a watch deffo!

  2.  glad i checked it out


    thought id check this show out as im into vampire diaries and twilight. i wasnt dissapointed its a allright show! not as good as vampire diaries in my opinon but still a decent show to watch! the accents might get on your nerves at times but its a good storyline!! ive watched all seasons! i dont own it on dvd tho as its not that much of a fav of mine where id watch it over and over.

  3.  best show on tv! FACT!


    THIS is my favourite show ever! not been a show like this where im totally addicted for a long time! the actors and actresses are amazing! specially ian somherhalder he is a gorgeous talented man!! the storyline is epic!!! the characters are brilliant!! i used to love twilight the most but this is now my favourite vampire thing!! its so modern! my friends who havnt seen it watched one episode and now they are like can i lend your boxset i want to watch it again!!! cannot wait for season 2 to come out on dvd! i hope they have alot more seasons to come too!!! its the kind of show you dont want to end!! more more more!!

  4.  i give up...


    i just give up reading at this book.. it got beyond weird and silly and couldnt get in to it.. i found it hard with all the books if im honest. it is different il give the book that and at times i was interested.. but its not the best storyline if im honest... read better.. dissapointed as the show is amazing!

  5.  weirdness continues...


    yes the weird storyline continues... hard to get into and understand. NOTHING like the show.. alot of people get confused with the books and the show but they are two seperate story lines.. tbh if this was the story line for the show i dunno if id actually watch it....

  6.  readable...


    again the story was insane and totally weird which i couldnt get into at times.. but i ended up finishing the book so it couldnt be that bad..

  7.  ok


    its a ok story if not abit weird to be honest! i found it hard to get into! i read upto shadowed souls or nighfall and got bored with them. i absouluty love the tv show so these books were a big dissapointment. the story line is not the same as the tv show.. but still if your a fan of the vampire diaries you may like the books so still give them a shot.

  8.  wow


    my favourite book of the saga. alot going on and again you will not want to put it down!! the film has its work cut out if its goin to live up to this book in my opinon!!!

  9.  keeps getting better.


    the books just get better with the saga abit like the movies!! these books didnt last me long. im a fast reader and they are addictive so you will get through them fast because you just want more!!

  10.  you will get addicted!


    great great read! even if you know the story line or not! this book is a must read! it does the storyline justice and its a hard one to put down just like the others! id reccomend the books even if you dont like the movie.